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10 Writing Tips for Awesome Social Media Content

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Here are ten invaluable tips for posting content on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin:

1. Write awesome headlines

Short posts or long ones, great headlines rule to catch your readers’ attention. Keep in mind that it should be a headline that will intrigue your audience enough to make them feel that they absolutely have to read this post. It needs to be simple and to the point, as well as contain valuable keywords. Here are some example headlines that really work:

2. Write useful content that is relevant to your audience.

Every time you post anything ask yourself if the content you intend to post is useful for your audience, and if the answer is no, then don’t post it.

3. Ask Questions

People are on social media to be social and interact, and people will interact with people other than their friends if they are given the opportunity to do so. One of the best ways to encourage this interaction is through asking questions. According to statistics, asking questions can double your engagement. These could be questions relating to business or non-business topics/subjects. Questions
are great ice breakers, spark conversation, and increase engagement. Whether posting an image, video, or text, asking a question provokes discussion.

4. Use hashtags

A hashtag makes a word, group of words, or phrase into a clickable and searchable link in the News Feed. Every hashtag has its own unique URL, and when you click on one, you will see a feed of posts that include that particular hashtag.

Read the full article and other SEO tips: https://monetize.info/10-writing-tips-awesome-social-media-content/

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Writings tips for Social Media are : Keep it simple and short, Use pronouns, Use punctuation's and Capitalisation, Avoid promotional calls to action, Use Hashtags, Try to add shorten URL, Keep in mind your audience.

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