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XMLGold exchanger & XMLGold Visa Prepaid Card

XMLGold VISA Prepaid Card

With XMLGold Prepaid Card you get Benefits of credit card. But, without commitment.


XMLGold Visa Prepaid Card Advantages:
  • Buy goods from 32 million locations worldwide
  • WithDraw form 1,5 million ATM’S Worldwide
  • Book You trips Online
  • Shop Online

The XMLGold prepaid card work just like any other payment card. It's so easy – and more convenient and safer than cash!
With no arranged overdraft facility or credit line available, you only spend what you have loaded onto the card.

More Advantages:

  • High Withdraw limit. Up to 1500 Euro a day!
  • No hidden fees. No interest or unexpected bank fees to pay.
  • Security. Chip and PIN protection and has no link to your bank account.
  • Stay anonymous. Order your card without name on it
  • Private and Business. Equally effective and convenient for both private and company usage.
  • Various Currencies. Available in EUR, USD and GBP.

The main benefits of having XMLGold Visa Prepaid Card

Our prepaid cards are ideal for a range of uses. The card's anonimity will make you secure and with all the flexibility you expect from a financial service.

For your convenience

Loading any prepaid card is easy and secure, which makes regularly sending money to friends and family abroad, supporting a child at the university home or abroad, travelling and using multiple currencies without having to carry cash a totally hassle-free experience.

3 Different XMLGold Visa Prepaid Card Types:
You can choose XMLGold Prepaid Card in EUR (10.06EUR) , GBP (9.28GBP) or USD (13.18USD)

Visa Prepaid Card offers:
  • Embossed prepaid card with chip.
  • Cards with no-name.
  • Maximum balance of ( 15 000 €) ( 20 000 USD) ( 10 000 GBP)
  • Fixed fee for ATM withdrawals.
  • Daily ATM limit € (1,500.00) ( 1 000 GBP) (2 000 USD)
  • Valid up to 3 years.
  • Hold up to 3 cards at once.
  • PIN and CVV code protection.
  • Online balance and transaction history.
  • Load cards via bank transfer or from your XMLGold account.

Don’t miss the opportunity!
Order Now:

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Tightened Regulations for the Prepaid Debit Cards!

The prepaid debit cards will be subjected into a tighten regulations proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this coming year of the 2017 with the month of October. As based and according to the Associate Director of the National Consumer Law Center, Lauren Saunders, the average of the regulation for the prepaid debit cards will match that of the bank accounts and the bank-issued credit cards in terms of the loss compensation, the cost of the fee disclosure and also the overdraft fees. And Lauren Saunders had already proclaimed that, “The rules may bring the prepaid debit cards right out of the shadows, with the protections that in the several means are stronger than those for the traditional bank accounts.”

The newly employed regulations will impose:
- The high overdraft cost of fees onto the prepaid debit and credit cards users with credit lines;
- The requirement for all of the prepaid debit and credit card providers was to offer and yet also provide a liability protection on par together with the bank accounts...

Read the full article here:

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Selfie Payments for MasterCard Leading to a Lesser Privacy!


The MasterCard has required out a facial recognition as a “selfie payments” all across the European countries in which is a privacy-centric cryptocurrencies drives in an opposite way of path that shoulders the anonymity! Starting in the 12 countries the MasterCard is implementing the Identity Check Mobile in which is a technology to allocate the customer to self-identify themselves by the means of a facial recognition and also their fingerprints. An initial trial in the Netherlands had revealed that there is almost over of the 75% of the users surveyed that they yearned to keep on utilizing this certain methods of authentication while the other 90% had preferred to see a biometric data that is used more in the near future. This certainly constitutes a shattering away right from the conventional methods of authentication such as the passwords towards a pervasive use of the biometric data instead and lessening the instances of the criminal activities like the fraud and yet at the exact and same time declining the privacy on a one step further.

The cryptocurrency swerves right from the financial establishment towards the privacy! While the banks and the financial institutions keeps on moving away right from the privacy the cryptocurrency moves towards in the opposite way of path. While the Bitcoin endeavors wallets solely controllable by the user and the pseudonymous transactions and also not being tied up to any single physical identity, the transactions across its public Blockchain can be still tracked down with a certain extent. And several of the cryptocurrencies have the Bitcoin’s original offering step further in the way of path of the true anonymity.

Read more:

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How to order XMLGold PrepaidCard(anonymous)!


1. How to order?

You must meet the following requirement(s):

    -To order a Prepaid Debit Card, go to
    -  Must be at least 18 years old
    -  Register on site
    - Then go to the Prepaid card section...
Read the full instruction here:

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Digital Payment: Popularity is Shooting Up!


In spite of the fact that a selection of headlines to the divergent, bricks-and-mortar is yet still relevant at this very moment right in the digital payments consumer, even though it is not laying on the side of the traditional sense, as mentioned in the Visa’s 2016 Digital Payments Study. The study, for which Visa had surveyed for over more than 36,000 online consumers residing in 19 European countries, state that this is an addition to the summation of Europeans regularly using their mobile devices such as the smartphone, tablet or even wearable for the payments having tripled since the year of 2015. It certainly remarks that “showrooming” in which is the act of seeing an item in –store right before purchasing via online and it is an devastatingly well-known shopping means for firmly seven out of 10 in of which garners a percentage 69 consumers to select for the acquisition of medium to high-value items in specifically in the United Kingdom in which garners 80 out of a hundred...

Read the full article here:

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Growing Industry Sector of Bitcoin Debit Cards!


The Bitcoin keeps on maintaining its confidence in making its way to mass adoption. The replication of the traditional financial system elements was constantly an inevitable attribute of this process and finally it came into debit cards. And someone thinks that entering the debit cards make spontaneous sense regarding making the Bitcoin spending mainstream, and someone thinks of it as of a temporary solution in a way to something more.

The Bitcoin debit card market is entirely novel, and there is not that much to spill regarding its history. And it is ordinarily presumed that every single thing of it had begun in way back year 2014 when the mass media had talked about the Xapo which is the company that debuted with the very first Bitcoin debit card. And soon, it was no longer something only one of its kind as the niche had begun developing and growing dynamically and already in this very year the segment had become diversified enough to showcase and provide an excellent opportunity to select among several varieties of solutions. And up to this date, there are more than 20 companies who can be able to provide the Bitcoin debit card services for tens of thousands cardholders all around and across the world. The launched of an owned Bitcoin debit card was also the initial idea of the United Kingdom-based financial solutions provider in which was the Spectro Finance. The company came with this particular idea in which was probably earlier than anyone else in the market in the time table of the year 2013.

Read the full article here:

You can order XMLGold Prepaid Card here:

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In India, Debit Card Users Are In Colossal Risk!


The banks are perceived are the safest at the significant number of people. The common public is wary of the risky investments and tends to gravitate further towards the familiar and what could be more familiar than the neighborhood bank together with a cash machine sticking out of the wall? And the month of October has brought a quite shocking news right for the Indian debit and credit card users as more than the summation of over 3.2 million debit cards are now known to have been compromised. Indeed it said that card compromised has been recorded as the massive breach of the security right in the Indian banking system. The largest Indian bank in which is the Bank of India has been the very worst hit with the summation of more than 600,000 debit cards has been quite affected.

The Indian banking is reeling right from the cyber attack! And it has been reported by the Indian Express newspapers that there are 19 banks have had their complaints right from their customers that their cards were used abroad while they were exactly in India. These cards were mostly used to access funds in the locations in China and the United States of America. The Additional Secretary of Financial Services, Government of India GC Murmu told that the Indian Express have compromised for over 0.5% of total debit cards in the entire country. And a person that is being involved right in the investigation of the debit card scam told right in the Business Standard newspaper that, “One of the processors of the Hitachi Payments’ central switch had been severely attacked and the malware has been deployed onto it switch and was active for the summation of six weeks. The data of all the transactions had passed all the way through the switch and had been possibly compromised. This indeed occurred at the YES Bank, the White Label Operator ATM (WLA) and also to a Korean bank ATM.”

The question that lingers was how the debit cards were being compromised? The National Payments Corporation of India in which is the NPCI had further explained in a press release happened on the 20th of October in this same year, how the scam has unfolded. The banks had made their complaints that their customer’s cards were being fraudulently used in various locations such as China and the United Stated of America and also feared that there had been a compromise of card data. There are three significant payments processors right in India in which was the MasterCard, Visa and also the RuPay starting onto the collaboration on this issue in the September of 2016. The investigations have revealed that the frauds were due to a probable compromise at a payment switch provider’s system.

The further analysis has revealed that the feasible card numbers that may have been compromised. The RuPay cardholders have not complained, but as of now it is not that possible to use a RuPay card outside of India. Also the NPCI states that the fraudulent withdrawals are limited to cards of the 19 banks and also possibly the summation of over 641 customers and the total summation amount being involved in 13 million Rupees.


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A Dream of a Cashless Society in India


How do you take hew right into one of the rapidly growing economies in the world? It is quite easy and yet simple, just remove the 86% of the circulating currency and call it an anti-corruption precaution. As Prime Minister Modi of India and his subordinate, Urjit Patel, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, appears to have gone right ahead and just done that. And at this very moment, that you do not have any circulating cash, right then, you have a cashless economy. Then we must all say that “Welcome to the fearless and new face of India.”

The Indians are noticing that without their familiar 500 Rupees and 1000 Rupees of banknotes that made up closely to the 86% of all circulating cash, their life is very thorny. The middle class and the upper class of Indians have now taken right into debit cards and credit cards. The India’s Hindu Business Line Newspaper had reported that there has been a surge in which garners at the 65% right in the transactions of the less than 500 Rupees in which that made all the way through the debit and credit cards and the post has been published on 8th of November, this year of 2016. As it stated that, “The overall usage of the debit cards has gone viral and up in 70% and the credit card was up by 40% in which suggests a marvelous jump right in the first-time users.” The part of this particular surge can be attached together with that fact that the government has waived off the charges that are commonly linked right with these form of cashless transactions.

The post-demonetization muddle has been beneficial to one company in which pertains to the PayTM in which is a wallet operator that is funded by China’s Alibaba Group. And a day after the demonetization was declared, the wallet provider has taken out the full page of advertisements right in the major Indian newspaper in which giving thanks to Prime Minister Modi together with the advertisement’s that featured an enormous image of the bearded Prime Minister. Paradoxically, the PayTM has been caught up right in a controversy as the India is waging a war on the Chinese goods. The Diwali Festival in which was celebrated all over and across India had made Indians shunning goods and the made in China as the India’s northern neighbor keeping on to the side of Pakistan right over the variety of issues in which includes the Himalayan clash in Jammu and Kashmir.

The first post has recently sheltered on how the Alibaba Group and its affiliate Ant Financial have backed up the PayTM with funding to the tune of $680 million. The very same story had the PayTM’s Founder and Chief Executive Vijay Shekhar Sharma defended his enterprise in stating that, “We are as Indian as Maruti is… We are the India story in every single sense and whatsoever.” Vijay Shekhar Sharma was referring right into the Maruti-Suzuki which is the manufacturer of the India’s iconic Maruti cars that are omnipresent right on the nation’s roadways.


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Aktualisieren: Online-Banküberweisung ist zurück!

Wir hatten einige technische Schwierigkeiten, jetzt geht alles gut!


Kaufen PerfectMoney USD mit Online banking:

Kaufen Payeer USD mit Online banking:

Kaufen Bitcoin Verwenden Online bank:

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Great News For XMLGold Clients In Europe!


We have added a new payment method - SEPA.

Why is it better than the regular BANK / IBAN transfer?

• First, it is cheaper than the regular IBAN transfer, the cost of which is only 5 EUR for the transfer fee, instead of 20 EUR.
• Second, it is much faster than the IBAN and the bank transfer, because the funds can arrive at its destination just within 24 hours, instead of 2 to 4 banking days.

What is SEPA?
SEPA is the Single Euro Payment Area; it is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for the simplification of the bank transfers denominated in Euro.

So, if you are client in Europe, just visit our website and use SEPA offered advantages!

Exchange Bitcoin to SEPA:

Exchange PerfectMoney EUR to SEPA:

Exchange PerfectMoney USD to SEPA:

Exchange AdvCash EUR to SEPA:

Exchange AdvCash USD to SEPA:

Exchange Payeer USD to SEPA:

Exchange Payeer EUR to SEPA:

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