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[Article] How Fast My Blog will Start Making Money

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When you have already set-up, built, and optimized your blog content, a typical question that comes to mind is “How long should I wait before I start earning cash”? There is no single answer to this question as your profits and the speed they are showing up depends on several factors like for example your traffic, your content, and your dedication and consistency.

When I will make money?

A typical mistake many beginner bloggers make is overestimating their earning potential and expect to earn 5-7 figure profits straight away in less than a year of online presence.

If you think blogging is another “get rich quick scheme”, you will be utterly disappointed are for the vast majority of bloggers, it takes some time and lot’s of trial and error to start earning real profits. Sure, there are people who earn whopping figures like $100.000/month but that is highly unlikely to happen without any prior effort.

blogging - get rich quick scheme

If you have optimized your blog properly and traffic is consistently growing, typically, you may start to see some revenue within 6-12 months following your blog’s launch. However, in most cases figures will be a bit disappointing first comparing to the effort you may be putting in your blog.

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