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[Article] Onsite SEO Tips You Should Implement Right Now

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The great SEO power, when used responsibly, can propel the success of your business. ONSITE SEO (Search Engine Optimization) besides Social Media Marketing, is an  important part of business marketing. If you are maintaining a business website without a well-established SEO and content footprint, your business will not be found online. If you are not found online, the chances of generating new customers and new business will be very slim.

Needless to say, SEO is beyond maintaining a website and publishing content. It’s more about using optimization techniques to increase the chances of being found by your target audience. Specifically, you would want your website to be on the top rank of the most popular search engine in the world—Google. If you are going to Google search for the term “SEO for business owners” for example, it will yield more than 12 million results.

The sheer number of results would really be a bad news for business owners who do not understand how to optimize their website. Whether you have an emerging business or a business with a well-established presence in the cyberspace, Google is one of the main things you need to consider in your online pursuits. Apparently,most business owners do not have time to learn everything about SEO.

In order to help you quickly understand how to implement a strategic ONSITE SEO campaign, here is a concise rundown of the most important steps.

1. Install Google Analytics

The initial step in SEO technique is to ensure that everything that happens on your website is tracked. By far, the best analytic tool for business is Google Analytics because it is free and very simple to implement. With this tool, you can keep track of information on how your site visitors interact. It will also enable you to monitor the performance of your keywords to measure the success of your campaign. Furthermore, this tool will help you analyze how much traffic each keyword has brought to your website. Beyond planning and implementation, a tracking tool such as Google Analytics will help you calculate the ROI (return on investment) for a particular campaign.

Read the full article and other SEO articles for free:


Really HUGE things are going to happen SOON. Stay tuned !!!

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