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I will give you Free Referral commission Even If you have Zero Referrals

4 posts in this topic rev-share"  The owner/admin of "My 24 Income"  Drew Burton is one of the Top and Front-line marketers in the revshare industry for many years.

He has proved himself to be the best recruiter and a great leader in almost every program he joined. Also he has got hundreds of thousands of followers in this industry.  So there must not be any question on his marketing ability. And finally he has decided to launch his very own Revshare “My 24 Hour Income”.

“My 24 Hour Income” is going to be a good program to join and invest. The reason is, it took years for Drew to reach this position as a great leader and marketer. So he will try his best to do what it takes to make his program a success and to keep & maintain the high reputation he has earned during these years.

Admin Real Facebook Profile:

My24HourIncome Facebook Group:

Why Join my 24 hour income and why Our team?

* Real well known owner with a lot of experience
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This is a notice. This is just the beginning.

I am from Team ProXScripts. The person Drew Burton of is not trustworthy at all. He was using our script and then came mentioning publicly that he is bringing a new program. He also said that his site was hacked (we are not revealing any other details at the moment, but can when required). We can bring the truth out about this person.

He purchased a pirated copy of our software from some low grade person. Selling and using pirated software is illegal world-wide. So, now he is part of a crime. We can also complain regarding this in the country in which he is living. It is not a big deal to hire a lawyer to file a complaint against him and the person who is selling the software. He does not know the consequences of indulging in such a criminal activity.

We had sent him an email asked him to provide an explanation regarding purchasing and using pirated copy of our software, but he has completely ignored us and has not yet replied to our email. Therefore, we have decided that we will make all his members and everyone on internet aware about this. If a person is using someone's software in such a way, do you think he is trustworthy and will you trust him? (There are many things about him that we will reveal slowly and when the time comes).

We have given him all the support he needed. In fact, we have gone out of our way to provide support to him. We are finding a proper way to take a legal action against him. This is last warning we are giving to Drew Burton. Whoever is Drew Burton needs to contact us as soon as possible. Either he should change his script or purchase our open source software. Otherwise, we will let everyone know how he is fooling customers (we will provide proofs along with screenshot) and also take legal action against him.

Thank You.

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The purpose of this email is to alert you of illegal activity including a major piracy breach by Drew Burton - the owner of my24hourincome.

Drew Burton is using a pirated copy of our software. As you are aware, piracy is totally illegal and whoever indulges in piracy can face legal consequences. We have informed Drew Burton to provide an explanation about his illegal activity. Unfortunately, we have not yet received any response from his end.

We would like to alert all the members of my24hourincome that Drew Burton is running an illegal operation.

Drew has founded my24hourincome on lies and deceit and there is much more going on than what has been publicly announced.

Drew Burton is a sweet talker and you can see the same from his videos. All this sweet talk is all fake to cheat his members. He is going to face grave repercussions for using pirated version of our software.

We have been monitoring his illegal activity and will also add all the facts on a dedicated page whereby we will reveal how he is scamming all my24hourincome. We have proofs and screenshots.

We urge all members of my24hourincome to withdraw ASAP! As this illegal shame that Drew Burton has created is about to go down.

Once again we are going to take legal steps and due to this the program will shut down eventually. We are warning you because we don't want the members of this scammer to suffer because in the end he will give some excuse and close his program.

So people, be aware and do not trust this guy at all.

Thanks & Regards,
~ Team ProXScripts

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