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Business requires a website that creates awareness for them in the most effective manner. Every business owners wish to have a unique online presence but restrict thinking about the cost associated with it. The free responsive WordPress themes ( https://www.sktthemes.org/product-category/free-wordpress-themes/ ) are a source of support to these business owners who want to start the website but with budget constraints. They can add plug-ins which are available on the same platform for free to improve the functionality of the website. If they require they can easily add images and media content to make it visually appealing. The website will be up and running in no time. 

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    • By bailey_barbara
      Now buy the amazing and magnificent HYIP templates at a reasonable cost. With these beautiful templates, you can easily boost your business and increase the attention of online visitors' on the website. By using our templates you can give a unique and attractive layout to your website, also increase the loading speed of the website, and make your website user-friendly & fast.
      Get more details about HYIP Templates on our website.
    • By ejumarin19
      Hi I'm part of the team of website builders, right now we are giving away an amazing
      offer you can't miss. We'll build you an stunning website for you just FOR FREE. You'll only have to
      pay for one year of any of our hosting plans in order to apply. This offer includes de following features:
      - Logo Desing
      - Amazing Template 
      - 100% Responsive Theme with pixel perfect accuracy
      - Free dot com domain registration
      - On page titles and descriptions optimization
      - Google My business Included
      - Site translated into other languages (optional)
      - Full integration with google analytics and google webmasters tools (optional)
      - Social accounts integration (optional)
      - Site updates and maintenance FREE FOR ONE YEAR(optional)

      For more info contact us at  admin@websitebuilders.live  
    • By Tien
      Hello there!

      We are tired of existing analytics services which are either complex and inconvenient, or they lack the necessary functions or they are too expensive. Therefore, we have developed our own solution, where we took into account the weak points of existing products and developed an intuitive interface, which incorporates all the necessary internet marketer tools.

      The service is now available and we are seeking to receive feedback from professionals in online marketing. The system is easy to install and it is free. We would be grateful for your feedback and comments!

      Finteza Features:
          No sampling. A well-known drawback of common services is the data approximation on large volumes. Often, such solutions analyze only part of your traffic and the remainder is extrapolated. There are no such drawbacks in Finteza since sampling mechanisms are completely missing.     Realtime reports - you receive data without delays and can see exactly what is happening on the site and in the advertising campaigns.     Automatic assessment of traffic quality. The system estimates all incoming traffic by providing statistics on each source. You will be able to view how many bots you actually have and exclude them.     Webmasters can simply manage ads on sites and receive detailed banner and landing page reports.     We have also developed a plugin for WordPress. For your convenience, you can register in Finteza directly from the plugin and the code will be automatically added to all pages in your site.
      Learn more and register an account here: https://lst.to/v9lck
      Download from WordPress site: https://lst.to/h9lck
      Direct link to the plug-in download: https://lst.to/z9lck
    • By Daydream
      Huge money making opportunity using your computer to mine.
      GPU and/or CPU mining allowed.
      5 tier referral earning.
      3 mBTC is the minimum to cash out.
      Click here
    • By Warfare
      What is Windscribe?
      Windscribe is a set of tools that work together to block ad trackers and web beacons, restore access to blocked content and help you safeguard your privacy online.
      What are these tools?
      There are 2 components: desktop VPN application, and browser extension. You can use them on their own, but for much greater protection, you should use both. It's silly not to, since it doesn't cost extra.
      How much does Windscribe cost?
      If you are a light user, you can use Windscribe for free. You get up to 10GB of data per month, and you can use all of the tools we offer. If you need more data, for just $9/month you get unlimited usage. You probably spend 10x that on coffee alone!
      What does the desktop application do?
      The desktop application is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client. It creates an encrypted tunnel from your computer to our servers, and all your activity is sent through the tunnel. This has 2 advantages:
      1. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) IP address is masked, so any website you visit or any applications you use (Skype, email providers, BitTorrent peers, etc), will see our IP address, which is shared by thousands of people, so your activity is mixed with other users.
      2. Your Internet Service Provider cannot see what you do online. This is much more important than you think.
      What does the browser extension do?
      The browser extension provides a "Lite" VPN client, which does the same thing as the desktop one, but only in your browser. Any other applications you may be using on your computer will utilize your ISP provided IP address.
      Additionally it blocks thousands of ad beacons and trackers that could follow you across the websites you visit, and compromise your privacy even if you are already using a VPN. It also blocks various "social widgets", such as Facebook Like buttons, Twitter badges, etc, which are embedded into millions of websites and report all your activity to their respective companies. It also rotates your user agent (which identifies your browser), which further scrambles your online activities in the eyes of whoever is watching.
      Special Promotion to get 60 GB/month for free
      During sign-up click on "Have a Voucher?" and enter GOTD60GB
      There is also a 50 GB code: 50GBFREE, but there is no point in using it as the one above is better.
      Watchout for new promotions.
      Link: Windscribe
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