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Phạm Long

Earn $ 5-20 a week with Trymyapps

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Hi everyone!

I will guide you to use http://www.trymyapps.com/


Press Download to download the application


Wait a while to install applications. After successful installation, the application will appear on the main screen:


Go to Settings - General Settings - Device Manager and select Trust Wuhan Metro Group suppliers Ho


Sign up for an account, the national information. I chose US. You can select other countries such as the UK, but has little more apps.


Section Referral Code: 7JNO3 (To get even $ 0.15 and my support)
Then press Submit

And now to the task:

1/Click task enable.


2/ Click “Accept” to claim the task and the status will show “Ongoing”.


3/Long press the given keyword to copy.


4/ Remember the app icon and its approximate position; Then click “Open with Safari” and go to app store.


5/ Paste the keywords in app store search field; Search and find the correct app icon.


6/Install it and keep it run over 4 minutes. Don't kill app until you have notification: " CONGRATULATION,..." of trymyapps

Work only that, each of your apps will be paid $ 0.3. Every day you open the apps will be added from $ 0.02 to $ 0.04 depending on the apps, games.


- Trymyapps first payment of at least $ 1, 2nd will be $ 3.

- There giftcard as itunes giftcard payment.

- Here is my proof


P / s: Please enter the Referral Code: 7JNO3 (Registration with my code)
Get $ 0.15 from trymyapps
Good luck!

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