Unichange.me debit / virtual card

Unichange.me debit / virtual card


With our debit card your e-currency selling becomes faster, easier and safer. Unichange.me debit card has a number of advantages!

First and the most important is that your order is completed in only 1 business hour! Transactions has never been so rapid before!


We have the widest choice of e-currency withdrawal, therefore you can sell your Perfect Money, BTC-e codes, Bitcoin, Litecoin, OkPay, FasaPay to Unichange.me debit card.

The advantages of Unichange.me debit card:

- The cost of the card is only $9, and the monthly maintenance fee is $1;

- You can withdraw your Perfect Money, BTC-e codes, Bitcoin, Litecoin, OkPay, FasaPay to Unichange.me debit card;

- You can withdraw up to $20,000 per day;

- You can withdraw your funds in ATM, pay for your regular and online shopping all over the world;

- It takes only 1 business hour to complete your order.


You can use our debit card to withdraw funds in ATM all over the world, for convenient shopping (POS-transactions are free), online purchases and easy transactions between Unichange.me card holders.

The advantages of Unichange.me virtual card:

- Instantly delivered;

- The cost is $1;

- Limits are the same as for Unichange.me debit card.


Unichange.me debit / virtual cards are available in EUR and USD.

Please, contact our Support team if you have any questions or need more information about Unichange.me debit and virtual cards.

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Unichange.me team would like to inform all forum members that for now full verification* isn't obligatory for ordering the FIRST Unichange Debit card!
 You get all the benefits of the card instantly:
 - low withdrawal fees (0,7-0,9%)
 - fast order processing (within 1 business hour)
 - wide e-currency choice (Bitcoin, Litecoin, BTC-e codes, Perfect Money, Okpay, FasaPay)
 Monthly withdrawal limit for verified customer is as much as half a million USD/EUR!
 Currently Unichange.me Virtual Card is FREE for blog subscribers.
 For more detailed information about Unichange Cards you are welcome to visit our site

 *only telephone verification is required

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Summer Photo Contest by Unichange.me

Summer is always amazing time for journeys and new discoveries!
We are sure that your summer was great and full of new happy emotions. Recollecting summer time is always pleasant as well as sharing your impressions.
Unichange.me team begins new contest in which anyone can share happy memories about summer with others!  

What you need to do:
 1. Post unique photo from your vacation (it should not be placed on the Internet before) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media.
 2. Write the name of the place where the photo was taken and a phrase “I enjoyed this summer with https://unichange.me because ...”  (finish the phrase).
 3. Add a link to your photo in comments below FB post called “Summer Photo Contest by Unichange.me”.
Every participant will get Unichange Virtual Card for FREE, if it is available in participant's country – check here.
The owners of the best 5 photos will also get $10 top-ups of their Unichange Card.
Results will be published on September 27th, 10a.m. GMT+0 on Facebook

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Simplified Unichange card order and free Virtual cards

We are happy to inform you that Unichange card order has been greatly simplified.

There are only 2 steps before you can pay for the card:
Step 1: Choose the type of the card, delivery type and payment method.
Step 2: Check payment info and click on "Submit".
After these 2 steps you can pay for the card with no delay!
Check out updated card order.

We have one more great update for you!
Get your own Unichange Virtual USD or EUR card for free just in 1 click!
Virtual card details will be sent to your email address within 1 business day.

More information about cards

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Each Paypal customer knows that in order to be able to expand all the benefits and receive access to all available features of PayPal it is necessary to verify an account inside the system.

Verification helps to increase sending limits, make an account more secure and improve your reputation in PayPal system.

There are several different ways how to verify PayPal account and get all the benefits of verified account. One of them is using Unichange.me Plastic or Virtual card.

Read the full article here

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0.7% fee for all Crypto to Card withdrawals:

Bitcoin to Unichange USD card - 0.7%
BTC-e to Unichange USD card - 0.7%
Litecoin to Unichange USD card - 0.7%

Bitcoin to Unichange EUR card - 0.7%
BTC-e to Unichange EUR card - 0.7%
Litecoin to Unichange EUR card - 0.7%

You are welcome to place orders on Unichange service and get them done in only 10-15 business minutes.
Bitcoin price is over 1000 USD now. Do not miss the opportunity to withdraw it with profit!

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