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Where To Get Quality Back Links

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You can get a quality backlink from given below platform

1. Article Submission
2. Social Medial Profile
3. Press Release Submission
4. Guest Posting
5. Blogging
6. Forums
7 Business Listing Sites
8. Web 2.0 profiles

Please clear this to me how to do content based optimization?

Hi Hilackmaze,

It means perform content posting task such as article, blogging, guest posting, press release distribution etc...

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Hello friends,

Where to Get Quality Back Links

I think it's depended on the niche of your business. With that you should find forums, websites, blogs in your market and then write the article with back-links on them. Other ways you can do are getting backlink from these sources

1. Article Submission on the same niches

2. Social Medial (Facebook page, G+ page, Twitter,...)

3. Guest Posting on high authority site

4. Blogging on the same niches website

5. Forums on the same niches

6. Web 2.0

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Focus more on creating back-links on user profiles on high authority sites like CNN, Microsoft, blogger, amazon, vimeo, mozilla etc as well as forum sites where you can create backlinks too in form of signature and anchor text. Also submit your link to high social bookmarking sites like tumblr, folked, stumbleupon etc

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