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Couldn't make it to India? Catch us in the Czech Republic for TES! On September 14-15th, the Los Pollos crew will be serving up hot and spicy opportunity sandwiches at TES 2019. 
Write to hola@lospollos.com to arrange your meeting today.

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We've just returned from India and we are in love. The kindest people, the tastiest food and the cheapest trains around. Fall in love too - just send your Indian traffic to our Dating Smartlink.

Dating TOP20:

  • New Zealand $84.2
  • Austria $78.4
  • Switzerland $74.2
  • Australia $68.9
  • Iceland $65
  • Finland $64.5
  • Norway $58.4
  • Sweden $53.1
  • Denmark $49.3
  • Germany $46.7
  • Canada $44
  • Great Britain $40.3
  • USA $38.4
  • Belgium $33.4
  • France $29.7
  • Czech Republic $26.9
  • Portugal $26
  • Italy $25.1
  • Netherlands $24.9
  • Israel $24.5
  • India $10.8

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We don't have a boiled potato and Guinness Smartlink yet, but we do have pretty much everything else. Send your Irish traffic to our Mainstream Smartlink this week and be your own lucky charm.

Mainstream TOP20:

  • Switzerland $72.7
  • Luxembourg $62.6
  • Korea $58.4
  • Hong Kong $56.5
  • Austria $31.7
  • Finland $31.6
  • Ireland $24.8
  • Belgium $23.7
  • Qatar $23.6
  • France $22.3
  • Slovakia $21.9
  • Georgia $19.9
  • Czech Republic $19.4
  • USA $18.5
  • Denmark $18.3
  • Japan $18.2
  • Canada $17.8
  • Australia $17.8
  • Sweden $17.3
  • Saudi Arabia $17.1

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