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Lospollos.com - Global Smart Link Affiliate Program | Weekly Payments | 24/7 Support

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Are you tired of substandard offers and bland networks that just ain't choice? Get the real blue stuff. Here at LosPollos.com, the finest offers are brought together with love and care, then slow cooked and optimized to perfection. Yes, the old ways are still best at Los Pollos Hermanos. But don't take our word for it. One test, and you'll know.

With El Traficante, our unique traffic optimization system, each visitor is analyzed by a host of criteria, and then redirected to the best matching offer. Leave the hard work to us and focus on what you love doing. El Traficante will manage your traffic and automatically increase conversion rates.

• Mutiple verticals – Dating, BizOpp, Nutra

• 1,000+ offers – we have over 1K offers worldwide, always rotated and optimized

• Any device – optimized campaigns for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and even Smart TV

• 180+ countries – our campaigns are active in 180 countries and counting

• Weekly payouts via wire, Paxum, Payoneer, ePayments, WebMoney

• 24/7 monitoring – 24/7 automated monitoring with support in multiple timezones

If you're looking for a solid network to send your traffic to, just sign up. Registration is a no-brainer and takes only a few seconds.

Skype: support.lph

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Hola! Check out our TOP 10 eCPMs for Dating vertical by location:

Norway $70.4

Australia $67.6

Denmark $47.7

United States $39.76

Switzerland $38.4

Netherlands $37.6

New Zealand $35.92

Sweden $34.8

United Kingdom $32.1

Canada $30.2

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Dear Friends,

The Los Pollos team is coming to Affiliate World Europe! From June 14th - 15th we will be in Berlin, and we can’t wait to meet and chat with some of our existing and future partners.

You can easily book a meeting with Los Pollos by filling out this form, or by sending us an email at [email protected]. Let us know a convenient time for you to meet, and we’ll see you in Berlin!

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United States: $50.9 eCPM


Check out our latest TOP 20 eCPM for Dating Vertical listed by location:

  • Norway $74.2
  • Switzerland $71.2
  • Australia $63.5
  • New Zealand $60.4
  • Denmark $57.2
  • United Kingdom $56.3
  • Sweden $54.7
  • United States $50.9
  • Austria $47.2
  • Belgium $45.1
  • France $42.3
  • Netherlands $40.8
  • Finland $39.3
  • Germany $32.1
  • Italy $31.7
  • Spain $30.2
  • Canada $28.1
  • Ireland $25.8
  • Singapore $21.4
  • Russia $19.2
  • Russia $19.2

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Norway: $88.4 eCPM


Good news! Now you can view our daily TOP eCPM by country in the "opportunities" section of your account!

TOP20 dating eCPM by country for the last week:

  • Norway $88.4
  • Australia $59.6
  • United Kingdom $46.7
  • Switzerland $42.9
  • Sweden $41.3
  • New Zealand $37.5
  • Belgium $34.5
  • USA $32.3
  • Canada $31.6
  • France $30.9
  • Austria $29.8
  • Denmark $29.4
  • Finland $27.2
  • Germany $25.8
  • Spain $20.2
  • Italy $19.4
  • Ireland $19.1
  • Russia $17.2
  • Netherlands $16.8
  • Singapore $15.4

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Break out the lamingtons and hot chips, New Zealand is on top. Feeling skint on ya NZ traffic bro? No worries. Check out the rest of our top eCPM!


  • New Zealand $76.9

  • Sweden $73.3

  • Denmark $56.7

  • United Kingdom $44.1

  • Switzerland $43.4

  • Norway $40.4

  • Australia $39.2

  • France $29.7

  • Canada $27.5

  • USA $27.1

  • Belgium $27.0

  • Finland $25.9

  • Hong Kong $18.3

  • Ireland $16.6

  • Russia $16.3

  • Singapore $13.6

  • Germany $13.5

  • Czech Republic $13.3

  • Austria $12.8

  • Netherlands $12.0

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United States: $ 33.60 eCPM

Maximize monetization of your traffic with the Los Pollos Mainstream smartlink!

TOP20 eCPM by GEO for the last week for the Mainstream vertical:


Estonia $ 41.80

United States: $ 33.60

Finland $ 28.50

New Zealand $ 22.80

Australia $ 16.70

Latvia $ 15.90

Denmark $ 13.60

Sweden $ 12.10

Cyprus $ 11.70

Germany $ 10.80

France $ 10.70

Greece $ 10.30

Belgium $ 10.20

Italy $ 9.80

Slovenia $ 9.20

United Kingdom $ 9.00

Canada $ 8.10

Czech Republic $ 7.70

Slovakia $ 7.60

Norway $ 7.40

How do I send traffic to the Mainstream vertical?

This smartlink is a great opportunity to improve the monetization of your non-thematic traffic. Our algorithm selects the best solutions amongst our sweeps, 1-click / pin submit and entertainment offers. This solution works especially well with pop up and pop under traffic.

  • Step 1: Copy the code for your pop-under from the “Offers” section of the Los Pollos dashboard.
  • Step 2: Set up the timer for your desired frequency of pop under (12-48 hours) 
  • Step 3: Add the code to your site!

And voila! You’re achieving an additional profit. This process works great as supplementary monetization for your existing sites.


If you’re a media-buyer holding paid traffic that has been rejected by other providers or GEOs, this is a great solution for you. We accept and convert any kind of traffic - remnant, geo-redirect,

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Worked mainly on the principle of scalping. Not bad earned on this. Now I'm working on a partnership program (goo.gl/y7QqEC )and I'm waiting for the same results

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We are pleased to announce that the Los Pollos team will attend the Moscow Affiliate Conference, which will be held on September 28 in Moscow. We’re looking forward to meet our existing partners in person, and happy to make new connections with you all. 


Get in touch with us at [email protected] to arrange a meeting with our team.

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Hi everyone! This week we invite you to check out our latest TOP20 eCPM listed by country for our Mainstream vertical: 

  • United States $ 35.20
  • Sweden $ 23.20
  • France $22.80
  • Kuwait $22.50
  • Denmark $19.10
  • United Kingdom $17.40
  • Slovakia $15.40
  • Austria $14.30
  • Kyrgyzstan $13.90
  • Finland $13.70
  • Belgium $13.50
  • Greece $13.30
  • Panama $13.20
  • Germany $12.40
  • Switzerland $11.90
  • South Africa $11.70
  • Slovenia $11.20
  • New Zealand $10.80
  • Estonia $9.10
  • Russia $8.70

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Tired of fishing for conversions in other verticals? Dating is always here for you. Check out our top eCPM!

  • Sweden $77.2

  • Denmark $51.9

  • Iceland $50.3

  • United Kingdom $47.5 

  • Australia $40.6 

  • Norway $36.3 

  • Switzerland $33.3 

  • New Zealand $31.5 

  • United States $25.9 

  • Finland $23.8 

  • France $21.1

  • Italy $20.9

  • Canada $19.7 

  • Austria $17.8 

  • Singapore $16.7 

  • Romania $15.3

  • Hong Kong $13.8 

  • Germany $13.8 

  • South Africa $11.5 

  • Russia $11.5 

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