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Bitraters -Bitraters.com, Auto Doubler 2.5% Per Hour

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I am not ADMIN!



How to Double?

Step by step:

Create your Account

Enter your bitcoin address, where you want to receive your bitcoins and press "Create Account"

Make Deposit

Copy generated Bitcoin address and send bitcoins (Min: 0.01 BTC | Max: unlimited) to the copied address

Enjoy the BitRaters

We will rate your Bitcoins after one bitcoin network confirmation and then you will receive 2.5% hourly from your deposit for the next 80 hours

How long does it take for my investment to be added?

Once your transaction is confirmed (it takes from 10 minutes to 1 hour to get confirmation from the network), your investment will appear. Please be patient. Contact our customer support if your investment is missing after 1 hour.

Invest plans: 2.5% per hour at 80 hours (doubler, a total of 200%)Accepted: BitCoin BTC

Withdrawal: Instant (every hour automatically to the wallet).

Referral Plan: 21%;

No fees for withdrawal;

Minimum deposit: 0.01 BTC;

Maximum: unlimited

SSL :COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA(ValidTo: 2017-06-02)

Common Name (CN) : COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA

Organization (O) : COMODO CA Limited

Organization Unit (OU) :Not Part Of Certificate

Begins On : 02-Jun-2016

Expires On : 02-Jun-2017

My Deposit!

Data:2016-06-06 12:27:00

ID Batch:fdd2c41ec0b8341f49b3d53f7a1317cc2c09076cdcea dd5d722f2df63ee0edb9

To wallet:16sYhaw5Xqd7ZMs6883k8hFwUmqudPLd8c


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