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Why Firefox Is Eating All My Memory ?

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That happens to me and there's nothing I can do about it. And some websites only work in Firefox.

Firefox is bad because it is based on Netscape making it's core bad.

Basically on Microsoft Windows, when you close a program expecting your pc to speed up and get more ram, sometimes you will find that this does not happen. And you have to wait a couple of minutes for the cpu and memory to go down. This is called a memory leak due to bad memory management and can be fixed with MemOptimizer. Anyway, this same thing is happening to Firefox. I use Opera.

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Thank you for your reply. Now make sense... I like opera too but dont know FireFox is still my favorite.. I tried Chrome and Safari but I find them quite dificut to use and find what you need. Oh and I love some of the extensions developed for FireFox

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