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Adhit Profits! Simply The Best.

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I am not the admin

-> A True Revenue Share & Quality Advertising Ever Seen !!

-> You Purchase 1 Or More Revenue Share Ad Spot(s) For $45 !!

-> You Earn $56.25 (( ie; 125% )) More Stable For Long Term !!

-> For Each Rev. Ad Spot You Get A Directory Listing + 1000 Visitors to Your Website

(( Only 1 Directory Listing Allowed At Launch )) !!

-> Re-Purchases (or Additional Share purchases) BUMP Your Listing to the Top of the Directory !!

-> Each Re-purchase also Provides Additional 1000 Visitors !!

-> A Directory Page Provide Members to List Your Opportunity and Banner Ad !!

-> When You Log-In "You Have To Click 10 Ads Per Day To Qualify For Earnings" !!

-> 10% Referral Commission !!

-> Payza,STP & Liberty Reserve Accepted !!

-> Additional Features:

Directory listing !!

Website Visitors !!

Solo Ad Service (sold separately) !!

125x125 banner ads (sold separately) !!

720x90 banner ads (sold separately) !!

-> Only $45 Payza & STP !!


NOTE: IMPORTANT – Each Additional Features Sold Separately Like Purchases Of Solo Ad Service ,

125x125 banner ads, 720x90 banner ads The Revenue Are Also Shared With Active Share Holders

( Members ) – GREAT !!!

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