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Bitbillions.com Secret Revenue Share And Matrix *leaked*

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BitBillions! Going To Be Bigger Than Google, Facebook, Amazon, And Every Payment Processor! Get Ahead of the Wave.

Check it out BitBillions

You must use a referral link to be able to join. Clicking above link will allow you to join.

GBBG (aka BitBillions) is an official non-corporation. We are pioneering a highly disruptive cloud-based, peer-to-peer technological platform that is poised to revolutionize the entire global economy. This will virtually eliminate the need for the entire global banking system as well as the products distributed by many Fortune 500 companies. Our systems provide a completely anonymous open-source, cloud-based, peer-to-peer global technology.

As a non-corporation, there is neither a centralized headquarters nor restrictive confinement under the traditionally chartered scope of any regional governmental authority. We are incontestably autonomous and 100% of goods and services are solely developed for the global population. Our network is designed to uphold the intrinsic rights of the people without regard to status, gender, nationality, creed, or ethnicity. GBBG will unveil the financial truths available for the irrepressible monetary reaping of the entire global population.

The GBBG blueprints project a seamless acquisition of 75% to 80% of the entire global internet and communication traffic by 2020. These figures also parlay into a 75%-80% advertising revenue procuration by GBBG.

What would stop you from adopting a new technology... that allows you to

1. Connect and surf the internet from any device for FREE
2. Make unlimited phone calls to any telephone in the world for FREE
3. Shop, manage your finances, and 'bank' your money for FREE (no bank fees ever again)
4. Use the most current/stable operating system on earth and access all your programs and files FREE (never spend money on an operating system again, such as Windows or iOS)

How Do YOU Earn From This?
Wealth Redistribution Integration
You Make MONEY
$23,344.01 per month, per $1 Million Revenue generated by GBBG


As a decentralized organization without corporate headquarters or shareholders, GBBG is free of any overhead or tangible 'operations' to consider. The GBBG network is designed to automatically redistribute generated revenues with every single member of the organization.

Hurry Up and Claim Your Founder Position Before its too late!

SIGN UP HERE: BitBillions

Get In Contact With me email: Justinv243@Gmail.com

Skype: Seovault

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