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Clickpaid - Clickpaid.com 60 Seconds & Got Cash!

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Frederick Mann is Back ! Get your Free test drive & see how easy it is to click your way to financial freedom.

WooHoo!! Just made $10.20 in less than 60 seconds. Check it out...you can too!

I just looked at 3 websites in 60 seconds & got CASH! Easiest cash I've ever made! You can too. JOIN me now!

That was Easy! Signed up, viewed 3 websites & got paid cash in less than 60 seconds! Join me...it’s FREE!

#Membership Packages

Free Basic Member

Click Paid Membership Packages

Free Basic Member - You are Currently a Basic Member

A Basic Member of Click Paid is one that has purchased a minimum of 1 Click Package within the first 30 days of joining the system and is viewing 3 websites per day.

> No Monthly Fee

> View 3 Ads Per Day

> Receive 2% (on weekdays) and 1% (on weekends) Commission on Click Package Purchases

> 10% Commissions for level 1 Referral Click Package And Gift Card Purchases

> Retail Product Purchase Price (can use Wallet Dollars for 50% Purchase Price)

> Current Panel Position / No Placement

> Live Support

> Basic Marketing Materials

Premium Upgrade

Click Paid Premium package offers a number of upgraded benefits including being eligible to be paid 5% on your level 2 referrals. Don't leave money on the table! Upgrade TODAY!

> Cost: $9.95 / month ($99.95 / year - 2 months free)

> Everything from the Free Basic Membership Package and:

> 5% Referral Commissions For Level 2 Referral Click Package And Gift Card Purchases

> Wholesale Product Purchase Price (can use Wallet Dollars for 50% Purchase Price)

> Referral Commissions on Premium Membership Upgrade Purchases(10% for Level One and 5% for Level Two Referrals)

Premium Plus Upgrade

Step up into fully automated income with the Click Paid Premium Plus Package!

Auto withdrawals, auto re-purchase, banked website views and advanced Click Storm sharing makes your Click Paid Business a breeze! Upgrade TODAY and experience just how easy Click Paid can be!

> Cost: $19.95 / month ($199.50 / year - 2 months free)

> Everything from the Premium Membership Package and:

> 250 Credits (for Monthly), 4000 Credits (for Yearly), in addition to package and credit purchases

> Bank Website Views Up To 30 Days

> Optional Automatic Repurchase

> Optional Automatic Withdrawals

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