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We are a Friendly, informational Forum, where people come to try and make some money on the net... That is generally the main reason they are here, and we do our best to give them programs that are

Sorry I'm so late in Welcoming you Jimmie, you were hidden in my "Play Safe" post... A BIG WELCOME to our Forum Jimmie and hope you make a bundle !!! skylady ;)

Hello from Jimmie,nice to meet you

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Hi everyone, I am a newbie at all this. Forum posting, investing, making my own money. So basically I have been working a 9-5 job working for someone. I am tired and ready to be my own boss. Im looking into investing. Any good books or suggestions? Will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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hi Everyone my name is Jenni and i trade GOLD XAUUSD daily....

I have been trading for a few years. I like scalping however i have noticed since the economy worldwide is changing rapidly is safer to trade swing trades. So to all you scalpers and daily traders its best to use daily charts and see volume and moving average indicators. i have been using a few signal providers also that are helping greatly and have made a huge impact on my profits. so trade swing and use a signal provider that is good( hard these days to find a descent one) i use fxpremiere com they seem to be a good price and very good. As for swing trades they also sometimes close within a few hours so it works out pretty good. Scalping is pretty hard as brokers are manipulating prices so no point these days... we all know they take a few pips to even 11 pips per trade before we breakeven so trading a longer trades is the only worthwhile trade to make.... look forward to your replies..


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