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We are a Friendly, informational Forum, where people come to try and make some money on the net... That is generally the main reason they are here, and we do our best to give them programs that are

Sorry I'm so late in Welcoming you Jimmie, you were hidden in my "Play Safe" post... A BIG WELCOME to our Forum Jimmie and hope you make a bundle !!! skylady ;)

Hello from Jimmie,nice to meet you

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Hello everyone. I want to share with you my opinion about lingerie. I like to wear lingerie in different ways, namely, depending on the situation.
For example, working at home at a computer (in a comfortable and cozy environment) I prefer sets with comfortable shorts (and certainly made of breathable materials!). Grace!
I love high-quality sexy lingerie. I'm a maniac! Agree that in such lingerie you feel extraordinary (even when it is hidden under a formal suit), mrrr. I also like buying thigh garter on MarieMur.com. Guys. have you bought something on this site https://mariemur.com/collections/legs-garters? Share your opinion. Thank you.

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