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We are a Friendly, informational Forum, where people come to try and make some money on the net... That is generally the main reason they are here, and we do our best to give them programs that are

Sorry I'm so late in Welcoming you Jimmie, you were hidden in my "Play Safe" post... A BIG WELCOME to our Forum Jimmie and hope you make a bundle !!! skylady ;)

Hello from Jimmie,nice to meet you

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Hello administrators and all members of the forum.
My name is Branko Jokic live in Belgrade Serbia states in Europe on the Balkan Peninsula.I am person was disabled, suffering from muscular dystrophy.
From the family have a wife and daughter live with my little disability pension is trying to make money for my treatment and improvement of living standards for my family.
In Serbia it is very hard to earn money, especially if you are a person with disabilities.
I would like to tour the world with electric wheelchair that interest you rich people owners of large companies to be my sponsor to earn money for my treatment and my family the slogan of my ideas will be Saving the planet
is not a problem if you look at my video.

I would like to write to me and support my idea
My e-mail jokicbranko1@gmail.com I want administrators and members of the forum a lot of health, happiness, money and long life
Thank you for reading my post

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Hello. My name is Mitch and I have looked into a number of trading companies, forex and binary companies. Over the years I have found many that just want you to open an account with them and a few that seem to care about their customers. There's tons of stuff to learn and I keep learning from many people and sources. I hope to read and learn from other members.

One company that I was looking into said that they are licensed in New Zealand. Does anyone know how strict things in New Zealand? Is it a sign that the company has more credibility if it is licensed there?

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I'm a new member to this site and hoping I'll make any money here. Maybe I'll need some help later but not quite sure how I go on this site. Sekope Tukunga

I withdrawl $5.20 to my account on Perfect Money for a whole week now but still on Pending Withdrawls. I also withdrawl another $4.99 in to the same account today I suppose that will be thing happening.

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