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Remember Michael Jackson—Share, Save His Songs And Albums

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Michael Jackson had passed away. It is really a shock in the music world. But he will live forever in our hearts with his unique music style. The world is mourning for him. As a music fans, what we can do is to share, save his music, to lift his creating spirit, to beautify and enrich our world.

So this aricle includes the following two parts:

Part Ⅰ:The popular music collections of MJ

Part Ⅱ: My way of sharing, saving MJ's music

Part Ⅰ:The popular music collections of MJ

MJ's music from "ABC" to "Write-in choice", all of them have witnessed MJ's talents and passion for pop music. To know more about MJ, you can click here .

This is a collection of his music, "Baby Be Mine", "Bad", "Billie Jean", "Black or White", "Butterflies", "Dancing Machine", "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough", "Human Nature, "The Lady In My Life", "Man In The Mirror", "Never Can Say Goodbye", "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)", "Remember The Time", "Rock With You", "Thriller", etc.Not all of them are the best, but all of them are worth our listening.


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His family and fans were the ones that stood by him and defended him. ALWAYS. It was the haters and media devils that turned their backs on him.


Media would love to create issues, it is an additional points to earn most viewers to their channel... and for their own popularity.. using MJ as tool for themselves, selfishness

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Since 1987, reform of the Chinese labour system has stepped out of the laboratory and into the real world of employment. For many, the " iron rice bowl " no longer exlsts. The " iron rice bowls " - a Chinese euphemism for government-assigned secure jobs that had been cherished for more than 30 years - were shattered.

No accurate figure was available on how many workers have been laid off so far. But scattered reports offer a glimpse of the scope of unemployment.

wow power leveling

In 1987, wow power leveling State-owned enterprises in Hubei Province laid off 14, 000 workers. Last summer, 30, 000 people in Shanghai were receiving unemployment pensions.

The inauguration of a labour market at the Shenyang Steel Pipes Factory in Liaoning Province went unheraldedno firecrackers, no marching band, no bursts of applause. Instead of gaiety, weeping was heard at the perimeter of a small crowd of about 50 people witnessing the event.

archlord gold,

Except for a few officials sitting at tables on the platform, archlord gold at the meeting had been laid off at the end of a work.optimization programme. They included labourers, cadres, technicians, Communist Party members, and even university graduates. The saddest were the eight ex-cadres who lost their executive jobs.

Zhao yusheng, 46, was Party secretary of the No 2 workshop of the factory before he was laid off. He found another job on the labour market, loading and unloading trucks. He once served in the army and participated in battles. But this turn of events made him cry.

"For more than 20 years I had been doing what the Party asked me to do, " he said. "Now on the labour market I find I do not have any skills. I can only become a truck loader."

For more than 30 years, unemployment in China has been regarded as an evil which labour planners have tried to avoid at all costs,

The planners were once quite complacent about the solution--the "iron rice bowl". They were confident that a policy of "low salaries and broad employment" would end unemployment in China forever.

world of warcraft gold,

But the " iron rice bowl " system was a dead-end. Reluctantly,world of warcraft gold the planners.looked for another way.And even though it would cause pain and difficulties,they recommended

a system that would permit laying off incompetent staff. That, they felt, would increase efficiency and give ailing enterprises a new lease on life.

For workers affected, lay-off is a bitter pill which some simply cannot swallow.

For more than 30 years, Chinese people have felt totally secure in their jobs. Now they are facing the possibility of losing their jobs, and many have reacted with panic and horror.

wow cd keys,

Fu Gangzhan, wow cd keys director of the Economic Development Research Institute of the East China University of Chemistry, has studied China's labour problems for many years.

Two summers ago Fu and his colleagues conducted a survey of several thousand workers and entrepreneurs in Shanghai. Their purpose was to unveil the reality of unemployment in China.

During the same period, economics professor Tao Zhaipu of the Zhongshan University in Guangzhou was also studying the employment actualities in China.

maple story power leveling,

They came to the same conclusion almost at the same time: maple story power leveling unemployment exists and has always existed in China. They found that there was a core of unemployed numbering

between 15 million to 25 million people in the country. This range is almost the same as the entire populations of Australia and Canada.

Ulike unemployment in developed countries, unemployment in China is generally hidden from view.

dog carriers,

The State spends 50 to 60 billion yuan ( $16.5 to $ 18.9 billion ) each year in the form of salaries, dog carriers bonuses and other benefits supporting "iron rice bowl" workers who never actually earn a penny for their employers. This expenditure accounts

for about 50 per cent of the profits handed over to the State by all the enterprises in the country.

Is It Necessary to Keep the "Iron Rice Bowl"?

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i'm a michael jackson fan too. he's a talented person so a lot of people admired him for that. B) i don't care about the controversies in his life, i just love his music that's all. B) though he's gone, that thing will stay forever. B)

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