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First Payment received today


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Future surfers welcome to Our site,

Getting paid everyday instant and without hassles?

No one should have to wait to get paid.

We do not require you to make a purchase before getting your payouts.

If you never joined a surfing site please take a glance to look around.

We give you the surfer what you need to make money without any problems.

You signup, purchase a membership, surf and GET PAID instant and automatic.

No need to wait for ADMIN's to pay like the other sites our payouts are instant.

12% for 10 days paid instant no excuses !

Advertisers we have autosurfing to provide targeted real live people for your ads.

Don't want to spend a money? We have a way for you to make money with instant payouts also !

Did you know that we pay 5 levels down for referrals all automatic and instant 5% 3% 2% 1% 1% ! No purchase required !

Signup now and we will start you out as a free member and you can even earn instant referral payments. FREE !

And to make it even better we will give you a trial upgrade that pays into your account balance This trial offer has no cashout value.

You have nothing to lose



Sign Up


Who Are Paying

Do not spend what you cannot afford to lose

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