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Masses versus Quality...The difference...

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Quite Important to our members:

We do not want known Scam sites on this Forum,
so please be careful what you post, okay ???

If you think it may be, but not sure, ask...

If you find a site that you know to be a scam site,
please PM me, so I can delete or put a warning up...

We are not going for a massive amount of sites posted, we are going for reasonably good quality sites, so our members can make some money...

This is very important !!!

Please check sites out a little before posting, as we try our best to keep mostly the sites where members can make money, or at least not lose any money if they want to take a chance on a site with their time, not funds...

Thank you for your co-operation,
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Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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