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Sad title, really is, but the true meaning behind it, is an absolute night mare, really has the potential, not what l wanted to hear. Came across this video that l am going to share with you very shortly, the messages you will hear, will make you mad, very mad. Why? For the reasons you will learn and none of them where your doing, the man you elected or may not of elected is providing you with this grief. Our Governments should be accountable for their unwisely decisions, yes they have pressure, for sure!!!

If your a business person or own a business ,an employee, going to school for your future education regardless of what you do, it will effect you in more ways then we ever imagine. Then another obstacle kicks in, if your like most humans you have a "bank account." Now think for a second, who has control of your money within the banking system? Not you, that is a given!!!

Here is a perfect example of how banks have this ability, they been robbing us since they existed and that is a very longtime. Watch this it will provide and illustrate why they are really criminals that are masked as solutions to our needs, They have full control, we need banks to pay our obligations daily, monthly all the items we taken for granted. But what a cost!!! The points which are very logical reasons on why we will have a real hard time or if we will ever recovery from this economical fiscal. If you really want to look into a crystal ball that has merit on your future and perhaps share a solution if their is one.

There Will Be No Economic Recovery, Because!

all the facts that make sense for the following reasons!!

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