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They have extensively revised the marketing direction, without revising the product. From the moment you get your package delivered to your door step. You will see this very large package, wow, what did l buy, is how you will react; the same way many of us have. Once you see this very classy display, and how it is all very well displayed, like a high end jewelry store is how l compared it. But regardless of the impressions, what is important is the content inside that will really motivate you into understanding why this is the most successful "Gold Marketing Company" with this ability with a world wide reputation.

I been very fortune so far met a real good mentor, who introduced me and provide me with a phone number to a very respected and solid leader with Karatbars International GmbH. Jimmy Larsen who l have not spoken to, but got to hear his voice and a leave message on his phone, more then likely several other messages, but it was progress. Doing all the things that l have created and generated, for my position with Karatbars Internationals Group on linked in. I want to make sure my down-line becomes successful with your well calculated decision, one step at a time.

If you follow these steps that will enhance your overall abilities at your level to achieve your desired, "Financial Goals", then this may just be the first step in getting your future financial goals in order. People spend more time planning for a vacation, then they do for their future. We have all heard that statement, but most of all; as simple as it is, we never learn this simple concept. All you have to do is look at your bank and investment accounts, how do they look. The good thing is only you know, and the rest is up to you.

If you follow this blog you are in the loop, but if you also joined the "linkedin Group" you will have access to my latest information that will provide you with ways of becoming successful. I am learning from the elite leaders, who provide me with the correct knowledge for me to share with my group. Why you will truly have a "Window of Opportunity" to fully take control of your future retirement plans.

This is a well laid out map for your success, how many companies create Leaders who concentrate on making the ones who believed in him successful. If you follow these simple steps your providing yourself with a decision that only you have the ability to control. Going to leave you with one statement my dad shared with me when l lost a lot of money.

You want to see the problem, go to the washroom. I said dad; l do not need to go, he never said a word. So l decided to go see what was in the washroom. Looked all normal to me, l did what l need to do. Then l seen the problem with a solution, the "Person in the Mirror" was the problem. My attitude.....Yea how l changed myself, one gram at a time...........back then it was one day at a time...


One Gram at a Time

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

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