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Welcome to TextLinkCycler
TextLinkCycler is a online text link advertising service which enables you to advertise your websites, social networks, blogs or online opportunities whilst earning commissions from our FSLMS (Flexible Straight Line Matrix System) also known as a "Money Cycler or Doubler".

How does it work?
Once you have purchased a text link position you will recivce unlimited impressions to your text ad link whilst your position remains active in the FSLMS.

When your text link position has reached the top of the FSLMS and the FSLMS pot has enough to pay off your top position and admin fee plus any referral commission due, your text link position will cycle and you earn 200% position cycled commission which is paid instantly to your Liberty Reserve account.

Once your text link position has cycled it will be removed from the Next list and the next person in line moves up to the top of the FSLMS.

Our Features
*Receive unlimited impressions to your text link advertisements.
*Earn 200% when your position cycles.
*Earn 10% every time your referrals purchase new positions.
*NO admin withdrawal requests or waiting to be paid.
*INSTANT payments directly to your Liberty Reserve account.
*Dedicated DOS protected with 128 bit encrypted SSL certificate.
*Helpful and responsive customer service.


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