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10dollardreams - 10dollardreams.com

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Bought another Business Card with Balance, for ESF, as already have a couple for TGF...


Thanks for the Heads Up on getting BC's skyicefish, appreciated :thumbup:

skylady ;)

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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News updated:

We here at 10 Dollar Dreams would like to see this dream come true. Every card to shuffle everyday.

So how would it come true? Easy...You.

If we got every Black Belt and a Every Green to do the following, you would see so many shuffles you would not know what to do.

So here is the plan:

1) EVERYONE make it a point to go the forums 1 time a day and make one post. Either start your own post or reply to someones post.

This has actually been proven to increase site participation, so the more active the forum the more active the site.

2) EVERYONE make it a point to get one referral every week.

The more people signing up the more people buying cards

3) EVERYONE make it a point to encourage referrals to purchase a card. Possibly offer that if they buy a card you will buy them a card too. (Since you can transfer money to referrals this makes it very nice.)

4) If you have received a payment from 10 Dollar Dreams, go to the forums and post a success story or payment proof. People want to know that we are paying.

This is what you need to realize. 10DD is not a site that you just invest money and watch it grow. This is site that depends on it's members being active in every aspect. We WANT you all to succeed. If we all work to gether we can all succeed.




So far there have been entries into the Black Belt Jackpot so I am going ahead and setting the Jackpot to $50. That means if only person becomes a Black Belt this month we will add another $50 and they will win a total of $100. Obviously if more than that join there will be a drawing and up to 4 people will walk away with a cash prize.

Lucky Draw Contest now has 24 entries for a chance to win $500. One person will walk away with $500.00 As soon as $5000.00 has been added to funds we will have the drawing. Good Luck!!



Thank You!

I would personally like to thank you all for your patience and your prayers as we had a tragic loss in our family. It has been a difficult 2 weeks. I just wanted to say thanks and I really do appreciate my 10DD family.

Pastor G


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News updated:

Black Belt Jackpot

Just a few days left and there is still $50 in the Black Belt Jackpot. This amount will be forfeited if no one becomes a Black Belt this month.

Lucky Draw

We really want to have this drawing and the only way to do that is for people to continue to add funds. For every $10 you add you get an entry in the Lucky Draw contest worth $500.00. This prize will go to 1 person. Think about the odds of winning. 1:500 Those are great odds. Plus you get to buy Business card and make money that way too. The drawing will take place once we have had 500, $10 deposits. Let’s make that happen by the end of the month.

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Updated 21 July2009:

Lucky Draw Contest

Tired of small contests and small prizes? You want the BIG money? How does $500 sound? We are giving away 1 (one) $500.00 prize. That's right if you win you get the WHOLE thing.

How to win:

* 1) Deposit money into your account

* 2) For every $10 that you deposit you get a chance to win $500.

* 3) Spend your deposited money on anything you want on the site. (except forum advertisements)

* 4) Wait for the drawing which will take place once $5000 has been deposited!

Currently 30 Entries

Odds of winning 1:500 per entry. If you make more than one deposit your odds of winning increase.

Disclaimer: This is not a gambling site. We are running this contest to encourage our members to begin advertising or continue to advertise. All prizes will be awarded into your 10DD account.

Fun 10DD Trivia Fact:

Did you know that a prize the size of $500 can affect not only you but 2 other people?

You get $500. You buy 50 cards. Your referral gets $50. They buy 5 cards and their referral gets $5.00.

So when you win so do 2 other people.

Prize: $500.00


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Here is a review that I did of this one on July 3rd, please do not take any offense. Am not for nor against.

Here we go: (remember, published July 3rd, today is the 22nd so some things may have changed)

CYCLER REVIEW: 10dollardreams.com

Is a knockoff of 10dollarswonder? No, not really. This one adds a surfing component before one can cash out plus other features.

Of course 10dollarswonder has really slowed down for those who do not purchase new positions so this one may be a good alternative. The key Admin (Pastor G) says that he has improved on the formula that 10Dollarswonder uses. If that's the case I'd be surprised as I could not find anyone that really understood how it worked.

Traffic Analysis: looks like they started sometime in March. But the Traffic Rank keeps spiking instead of having steady upwards trend in terms of reach. Oh well, so does 10dollarswonder. Now from near end of March to present day the two traffic rankings almost overlap each other. It could be that the folks in 10dollarswonder were joining this alternative one during that period. I'd say that for new folks 10dollarswonder is still doing well based on traffic rank and reach (better than 10dollardream. It's as if these two are brother and sister. Or two brothers.

Some facts:


  • 50/50 rule in effect (although many don't like this rule it keeps the programme going longer)
  • Not passive: in order for a free member (white belts they call these, ref. to Karate I suppose) to earn he or she must recruit/refer a green belt (next one up). A green belt person has purchased at least one $10 virtual business card. And a green belt must sponsor another green belt in order to earn. A black belt must pay an entry fee and can purchase referrals, unlike the other two grades of belt.
  • They have their own forum
  • There are some cheerleaders in the MMG thread for this one
  • We have just entered the slowest period of the year for all internet opps so this is a concern, am not sure they will last the summer as they likely do not have enough momentum nor numbers
  • They offer $5 to free members. If they offer real money then they will go bust soon.


They take paypal, as seen on the front page, in the video. This is a no no and if they don't stop that their account will be frozen by paypal. Not good. On the other hand, they have well disguised the fact that it is a cycler using terms like business cards, card shuffling, and grades of karate belts for the various positions/grades a person can have.

Another concern I have is that one fella in one of the forums is selling his position, yet still earning money, which makes no sense. Finally I saw a post and I quote it here

"I can't talk too much due to terms and conditions of 10dollardreams. I just let other members know when I knew some one will buy many card. Is more then 50 BC's had been bought, enjoy the suffling..."

So it seems someone is going to buy enough business cards at ten bucks a pop that may disturb the apple cart. Maybe it's already happened. So the little guys don't like this, maybe because it's going to affect the shuffling.

Admin seems to be running way too many contests, in my opinion, for such a small membership. This is of course in an effort to get folks to recruit, recruit, recruit. But the prizes are out of proportion to their reserves I would think. Trouble ahead?


Admin claims that they are on a dedicated server and emphasizes that this means that they have a server all to themselves. Well, either that's an outright lie or Pastor G is not aware that the server in question hosts over 1000 sites! Look at this:




1018 more...

The above can be found by looking up the IP address of 10dollardreams, then going over to domaintools.com/reverse-ip and plugging in that IP address. Well, actually it was a fewllow with username/moniker of 10DDBLACK on the EMS forum that made that claim. But am sure he got that info SOMEWHERE. Why lie?


Born in Zambia but is from Zimbabwe. He seems to be the real thing (a Pastor that plays music and has five albums out there).


It seems most members have rolled their money back into the system, to the tune of over 40K. Only 4K has been taken out/paid out. As well, membership is under 4000 so am concerned that this one may not make it through the summer.

Methinks I will not play in this one. Too risky at the moment as we are already into July and vacation season.

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Not Found

moving to closed

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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