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If you are like most of us, you've tried the PTC sites, you've tried the AutoSurf sites, you've tried the HYIP sites and you've joined countless MLM's only to end up with more money spent than money earned.

It's time for a real change and here at JER, we designed our program for EVERYONE to make a profit and for it to not take years to happen.


There have been hundreds of Matrix's before us, but most of them were nothing more than some sort of pyramid, no matter what they called it. When you join under someone else and they make money from you without ever leaving that position, it's a Pyramid. That's where JER is different, NO ONE stays on top and EVERYONE goes to the top. We are a straight line cycler, simple as that. You join the line and part of your membership fee is given to the person on the top of the line in the form of a membership rebate. When they have reach a certain amount that is set by the admin, that top person gets paid and is removed from the top. Everyone moves up the line and the next person is now the one earning the rebates.

We also built into JER, a nice referral fee of 5% for new memberships and 2.5% for all reinvestments. You don't have to refer anyone to move up, but why wouldn't you tell someone how you just made 160% or more?

As a member of JER, you also get to buy items at wholesale prices and can earn great profits by selling them at retail. Only upgraded members have access to the whole sale items in the members area.

The most exciting part about JER is that we have built a few things into our program that will actually FORCE you to make money. We hated to do it, but we know how some of you are. Some of the membership levels have automatic reinvestment structures. What this means is that when your position cycles out, the program pays you, but also deducts enough to buy you another position back in line so you can earn all over again. The profits are put in to your account.

Join here - http://www.joinearnrefer.com?success8

Earn 100% Commission - http://tinyurl.com/3fdhme

New HYIP by trusted admin - http://www.funds-o-matic.com/?ref=68

New PTC Site with 15 ads daily - http://gagabux.com/register.php/topearn.html

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A Letter has been sent to the Admin., with an invitation to our Forum

and requesting that they add our banner and linking it to their thread on the forum.

so the members know where to get info. and updates and of course visit...


{This program has not been Researched yet... }

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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News Updated 24April2009.

Good evening JER members,

Many of you have asked me to raise the quantities on some of the lines because you wanted to buy more positions. The main reason we kept the limits lower to begin with is to allow the FREE Members and the NEW members a chance to get in line before my HUNGRY members devour their fill. It has been plenty of time for those FREE and NEW members to jump aboard, so the following lines have had their limits raised.

$1 Line now has a maximum of 30 positions

$2 Line now has a maximum of 250 positions

$4 Line now has a maximum of 250 positions

$6 Line now has a maximum of 100 positions

$16 Line now has a maximum of 60 positions

For all those that were maxed out already, you know how well the system works, now is the chance to gobble up a few more positions to earn even more.

Todays' big earner was "BUNNY" again, as they cycled out of the $50 line and got an email that said "YOU GOT PAID $150". We should start calling BUNNY "The KING RABBIT" with all the earnings their making.

You could get those big earnings too if you just follow the strategies I've outlined here numerous times. Get as many positions in as many lines as you can. If you'll also notice in the spreadsheet, most of the big earners don't buy their positions all at once in the same lines. They are spread out through out the line so they are constantly earning instead of only earning all at once and then having to wait a long time. I personally try to buy in the larger lines about every 10th person or so. That way I am always close to cycling and never have to wait long.

Welcome all you new members that are receiving this email as your first from me. I try n! ot to be a pest with a bunch of emails, but I do try to keep e! veryone informed as to what is new or changing. We're glad to have you join our little family of earners and hope you enjoy the game.

Nite all,

Brad (Admin of JER)

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Here is the latest status of the new program: We just went over 200 members now in the new 4 Stage Multi Line system. YAHOO!

52 members have already cycled out of Stage 1 and earned their first payout and received their 1st FREE position. 13 members have cycled out of Stage 2 and earned their 2nd payout and received their 2nd FREE position. 2 members have cycled out of Stage 3 and have received their 3rd payout and received their 3rd FREE position. That's a total of 67 FREE positions working to push everyone through.

If you are not in this new Multi Stage Multi Level program you are missing the EARNINGS boat. For those of you that don't know about it, it is only a one time $10 join fee and you earn $2 from Stage 1, $4 from Stage 2, $6 from Stage 3 and $1,162 from Stage 4. PLUS you get a FREE position back at Stage 1 each time you cycle out of one of the stages. What that means is you will eventually have 5 positions earning you a total of $1,174 EACH or a grand total of $5,870. All from a one time join fee of $10. You have to be nuts to miss this earnings machine.

Right now each memeber can buy one (1) position, but in about a week I'll let all my hungry members start to eat some positions as I know they will. Where else can you earn over 1,000%? No where, and then you do it over and over and over and over again. SO, by the time you have fully cycled all your positions you will have earned 29,000%. Do the math, it's a NO BRAINER

No other cycler online can even come close to JER, just look at the numbers on our home page and that's in less then 3 months. I'm personally a member of almost 20 other cyclers (checking my competition) and you could add most of them together and they still don't equal JER.

If you are in any other cycler, best of luck to you, but you should ALSO be in JER as it will produce real earnings and not penny's per cycle. Read the testimonials on our site, we PRODUCE where others PROMISE.


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Hello All,

I am the Admin for JER, so let me know if you have any questions or comments. As you can tell by the numbers and the testimonials on our site, we are KICKING major butt with JER. If you are in any other cyclers, then you owe it to yourself to also get into JER and start earning like everyone else is.

No Surfing, No Clicking, No MLM, just Earnings!

Earn from 140% to over 1,000% the easy way.

Come Join the fun at Join Earn Refer

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News updated:

Hi all,

I have updated both spreadsheets and just made all the payments to both the regular members and the members that have cycled in the Multi stage program. We are up to almost 150 who have cycled out of Stage 1 already which is almost half of the total members that joined it. With over 1400 members, there are still over 1,000 of you that have not yet taken advantage of this income stream. I'm not sure what the hold up with you is, but now is the perfect time to get in before I open it up to more positions and the ability to buy in at the higher stages. I'm doing my part in creating these opportunities for you, so you have to get up and join the fun.

Remember, once I cycle out of the Stage 4, I am going to spend the whole $1,174 on buying more positions in every line $500 and down, so if you are getting close in any of them, I'm going to do my part in helping you earn more.

Have a great day,


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News updated 11May2009:

Hello members,

I hope everyone had a great Mothers day and treated your mothers to a nice day. I spent the day with my brother, my sister, my wife and my mom so it was a great day.

Between yesterday and today, I have sent so many "YOU GOT PAID" emails, I think some of you are tired of getting them. Well, I guess not, huh?

The latest person to cycle out of Stage 3 was BB1999 who just received the email letting them know they earned $304 more after already earning the first $2 and $4 from the other two Stages. So once again for the 16th time in less than a week since we changed to the 3 Stage, someone has turned $10 into $310. AND they received three FREE positions back in line to do it all over again each position. Once fully cycled that one time $10 turns into $1,240. Now that's a serious CHA CHING!

Alon! g with the 16 members who have cycled out of Stage 3, seventy (70) members have cycled out of Stage 2 and 286 have cycled out of Stage 1. Just more CHA CHINGING!

They say one of the highest forms of compliments is when someone copies what you are doing. Well, there is quite a few cyclers out there that are now coping our lines and even one that is coping my saying of CHA CHING! Guess that means we are doing something right.

Beside the Multi Stage Cycling, we have had a couple of huge days in almost all of the normal lines. BUNNY cycled out of the $500 line and earned another $1,740. MIKEYHAR cycled out of the $250 line and earned $850. We've had a couple cycle out of the $100 line and earn $320 and a few cycle out of the $50 line and earn! $150. There are too many who have cycled out of all the other lines, but lets just say there were quite a few.

The one thing that concerns me is that more of you members still don't understand the whole concept of how a cycler really works. Probably 80% of the "YOU GOT PAID" emails that go out are to the someone who has already been paid multiple times. Now this is good as they have taken my strategy to heart and have purchased MULTIPLE positions in MULTIPLE lines and they continue to increase their overall earnings with some of our members in the 2,000% or more in earnings. If everyone would learn this technique, then you would not believe how fast some of these lines would move. It's the members that buy one position in which ever line and when they cycle they just withdrawal the earnings and don't reinvest. We all helped you earn, do your part and help the other members while at the same time increase your own earning ! potential. Let's face it, if you buy one $1 spot and earn $1.40 and then withdrawal it, by the time you pay the processor fees you are almost back at where you started from. I have never understood why someone would just spend $1. If you are that broke, you shouldn't be on the internet to begin with. Just look at the lines and you will see the members that are making all the big profits are in almost every line multiple times. If you are just testing us, then test us with some real potential and let us prove to you that you can earn like the rest of us.

As I have offered many times, if you are interested in joining and just don't know what membership(s) to join, then send me an email with your budget and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction for maximizing your earning potential. It's not about quickness, but earning the most for your spends. Please don't ask what to do with less than $10 as that is just not enough to really give you any sound advi! se.

For all you members that keep rolling over you! r earnin gs and only taking a little off the table with each cycle, way to go and keep doing what you are doing and you'll see your earnings grow exponentially.

I just updated the sheet for the Multi Stage cycler while I was typing this, so you can go check it out.

Have a great day/evening,


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Oops! Page Not Found

Sorry, the page you were looking for could not be found.

moving to closed

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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