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FAILURE IS A TEST RESULT so, Learn from it !!!

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Yup, this is all it is...

Failure is only one way your idea or plan will not work...

So just try it a different way...

Thomas Edison had over 10,000 " failures " on how to make a light bulb work...
...and that's just one of his inventions...

What did he think about failure ?

" I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that it won't work."


Each time you fail,
just tell yourself, okay, that's just a test that
ended up at a dead end. Let's go back and
try it a little differently...

It used to be 98+% never realized their big dreams, and
now it's down to about 95% of the population who quit before they get their Dream fullfilled...

Folks that's whopping 3% more realizing their Dreams, than ever before...

It's powerful to realize that you are not alone--
you find out that the place where you dropped
out in the pursuit of your dream of a home
business is the same place where 95% of everyone
else dropped out.

Once you know that,
you put just a little extra effort in to get through those last few hurdles...

Knowledge is Power...
Learn from your mistakes and keep trying until you find your nitch...

skylady ;)

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Failure for me at the begining was essential for my learning, for me starting was a minefield and I did get taken in a few times, although it cost me a bit of money, that to me was the learning curve, throwing your own money away quickly taught me the lessons I needed to learn. Finding a good mentor is I believe the best way foreward, and it can take a while to find someone who is trustworthy, I was so determined to succeed I just kept going, but I certainly learnt some valuable lessons

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“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Im trying to learn how to make good trades in forex , having been with Vault Options before with very good results just thought, could try in Forex. Help is needed

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