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JustBeenPaid Update




What's with this extra program in another language, shame on you...

All Posts, Topics, etc, always English...

Edited all but payment, as this Topic belongs to another member, you are not allowed to post your own Topic in another members Topic...

PLEASE Read & Follow the rules for Posting a Topic, before posting one...

Thank you, skylady

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Update For those who been asking about Just Been Paid. After 75 days all is going very well. I earn 2% everyday on all money I have been investing. All without telling, selling or explaining anything to anyone. But now that I know it works check this out.




{another members Topic, edited... skylady}



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Whenever I try to select the finance, nothing works for all accounts, even at the beginning of a new day, when then?

Still just a message:

Sorry, the overall daily limit for this payment processor has been reached.

In order to maintain a balance between available funds in the various payment processors,

we have both overall and individual daily withdrawal limits for each processor.

We recommend trying earlier (or later) in the day, or at a different payment processor.

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