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Standard account:

amount of ads: 10 +

Value: $ 0.01 - $ 0.005

referral click: $ 0.005 - $0.00025

max. DR: 50

max. RR: 200

minimum payout: $ 3

method of payment: PP, PZ, LR

Time: Instantly

interval between payments: 7 days

Clicks needed for payout: 50

daily earnings: $ 0.05+

Minimum Payout


The minimum amount paid is $3 on the first cashout

Premium members :

The minimum amount paid is $2 on the first cashout

All member :

$3 for the second, $4 for the third and $5 for every one after that. From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use.

Your withdrawal request will be completed within 24 Hrs to your PayPal and Liberty Reserve account directly.



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