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Ultraearn is a private investment firm focused on leveraged buyouts, equity, debt, and other investments in market-leading companies that can benefit from its in-house operating professionals and experience.

Ultraearn invest in companies which typically have the number one or two market position in their industry, long-term competitive advantages, and significant barriers to entry.

Industries targeted for investment are broad and diverse, with no particular industry excluded from consideration. Investments will include companies in paper and packaging, food and beverages, metals and mining, automotive parts, consumer products, financial services, healthcare, media and communications, building products, telecommunications, technology, retailing and e-commerce, restaurants, manufacturing and industrial, among others.

Ultraearn has commenced business in early 2013 and is looking at achieving the goal of $5 million capital under management.


Ultra Time Deposit 3

Level Spent Amount Payout

Ultra Time Deposit 3 50.00 - Unlimited 4.80%

Ultra Time Deposit 6

Level Spent Amount Payout

Ultra Time Deposit 6 50.00 - Unlimited 11.80%

Ultra Time Deposit 12

Level Spent Amount Payout

Ultra Time Deposit 12 50.00 - Unlimited 25.80%

Ultrastable I

Level Spent Amount Payout

Ultrastable I 50.00 - Unlimited 0.15%

Ultrastable II

Level Spent Amount Payout

Ultrastable II 80.00 - Unlimited 0.18%

Ultrastable III

Level Spent Amount Payout

Ultrastable III 100.00 - Unlimited 0.22%


Level Spent Amount Payout

UltraM45 100.00 - Unlimited 1.50%


Level Spent Amount Payout

UltraM90 100.00 - Unlimited 1.80%


Level Spent Amount Payout

UltraM120 100.00 - Unlimited 2.10%


Level Spent Amount Payout

Ultrarewards10 50.00 - Unlimited Variable


Level Spent Amount Payout

Ultrarewards15 50.00 - Unlimited Variable


Level Spent Amount Payout

Ultrarewards20 50.00 - Unlimited Variable

Accept: LR

Referal: 1%

Watch the project and take part


Date: 1/11/2013 5:31 AM

Batch: 127164793

From Account: U4729120 (Ultraearn)

Amount: $0.12


Thank you.

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