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Schedule Facebook App - Schedule Fan Pages Updates

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Schedule Facebook App


Price: $30

Sale Page: http://appstico.com/schedule-facebook-app/

Schedule your website posts to your Facebook Pages/Profile and get unlimited flow of traffic.

The most important thing to drive traffic from your Facebook Pages is to update it regularly.

Add more links from your website and get more traffic even when you are not beside the computer.

This app let you schedule Facebook updates (statuses, links, videos, photos) in advance, and specify the time at which the updates should be posted to your Facebook Pages and Profile.

NEW Features:

Repeat option, now can repeat the scheduled posts for any number of days, weeks or months.

Auto delete option, the posted statuses will be auto deleted from the wall after the time you set.

Now it keeps latest selected Page and time so no need to select all again.




  • Repeat option
  • Auto delete option
  • Keep latest selected pages and time
  • Post images to Wall, now can post/schedule images to Wall instead to App album
  • Updated to the new Facebook API
  • No need of SSL certificate
  • Added Share button on posted Links
  • Videos play on wall
  • Easy multipage selection
  • ’’Select All’’ pages option


Schedule Facebook App

Facebook Viral Apps & Scripts

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