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CIN ( Capital-International ), is a global investment management company with approximately $5 million under management as at 10th of December, 2010. We provide a premier range of products to institutional and individual investors. The company is focused on stock market, forex, property and other infrastructure assets. Established in 2008, CIN, is now in a position where we proudly serve a growing international client base from the Americas, Europe, Asia the Middle East and Africa. We employ 15 investment professionals.

Investment portfolios developed by us will allow clients of the company to place their investments in the share market by reducing time and risksif compared with independent investments. Strategic asset allocation in portfolios is carried out on the basis of researches and corresponds to optimum indicators of risk parity and profitableness for various types of investors in accordance with the investment strategy - conservative, balanced, aggressive and long-term growth.

Package For 90 Days

Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)

Bronze $20 - $50 2.00

Silver $100 - $400 2.10

Gold $500 - $900 2.30

Diamond $1,000 - $5,000 2.50

Accepts LibertyReserve

Referral Commissions: Up to 15%

DDOS Protected - 128 bit SSL


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