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[payment Proof] [tut] How To Make Easy 5$ An Hour! [tut] [payment Proof]

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• Patience

• Good English

Lets Start!

1. Head over to this site Click Here

2. Click "join" on the top


3. After you've registered and activated your account, Click "forums" on the top


4. You will see a yellow box telling you to click on "Here"


5. After you've done that you will see a small tutorial. Follow it by creating an account on that forum and subscribing


6. Now to the hardest part. You have to make 10 posts on that forum you just subscribed to and you must use a very good grammar and spelling, because that will decide if you will be accepted or not. Here are some of my 10 posts. I got accepted with these.



7. After you've made 10 posts do something else while they review your posts and rate you. This may takea aprox 12 hours.

8. If you have got more than 4.30 stars then you've done well! Go to "forums" on the top again, subscribe to other forums and post on them to earn points

YOU AREN'T DONE YET! You may have got accepted but that doesn't mean you can go around spamming other forums to earn points! Try to use advanced english and good replies to the OP. This may effect your point earnings! You can still get likes and ratings from forum owners and if you continue receiving you will earn a lot more points per post!

10. After you've received 100 points go to your dashboard by clicking "my dashboard" on the top and then click "Deposit/Withdraw"



Payment Proof



This tutorial is written by Akolt

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