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Allied Profit is an online investment company specializing in ALLIED CAPITAL (ALD) trading in Stock Market.

Invest with us and step into the new trend of the lucrative investing! Our company is engaged in highly profitable activities with futures and forward contracts which allow us to generate big profits within a short period of time. The rapid growth of the price of contracts determines the continuous development and success of our company. The profit is used to expand the area of our business and find additional sources of income and opportunities for investment. Investing with Allied Profit eliminates the need to learn the principles of online trading, our specialists will do everything to provide you with the fastest and highest returns.

4% daily for 75 days!

Min $25 - $999

4.5% daily for 75 days!

Min $1000 - $4999

4% daily for 75 days!

Min $5000 - Unlimited

Accept: LR, PM, Bankwire

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