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Pre-launch until January 6

Are you looking for ways to make money? Slampaid.com can help! It's easy! Slampaid.com has thousands of loyal and active members who are waiting to help you make money! We'll transform your text ads and banner ads into profitable money-makers quickly and easily.

Slampaid.com is a power player in the online advertising industry! You'll run adverts that bring real results. Earning money online is easy with Slampaid.com! Each time we make a sale, you earn a profit via a system called "Rotator Payments."

Slampaid's members are a collective unit. For every sale, the members get paid! You can also earn by referring your friends and family to Slampaid.com! You'll get 15% on all referrals. SO each time your referral runs an advert, you'll earn 15%! And you'll get an additional 5% on ad renewals or new ads that are obtained by our members.

So unless you're rich and rolling in cash, It's time to sign up for Slampaid.com!

Accepts Egopay LibertyReserve PerfectMoney (Payza to be added soon)

Positions cost $19

6% daily for 40 days

Earn 240% per Position

100% Passive

Minimum Withdrawal $10

Fast payouts 5 days a week

Our ads will help you promote your business

Earn without sponsoring

Referral Commission: 10%, 5% and 5% for Position renewal


Join here


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