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Welcome to Ultimate Team Success!

We are a Pay-To-Click (PTC) program. Our PTC element allows for all members to earn an income from Ultimate Team Success, whilst also offering our advertisers access to our strong member base giving them guaranteed, unique views to their Link Ads. All members can start viewing Paid Link Ads and earning from them straight away.

How Can You Earn From Ultimate Team Success?

Paid Link Ads: Free & Pro members can earn daily just for logging into their UTS members area, clicking on the View Paid Links page and viewing members ads.

Pro-Upgrade Referral Bonuses: Free and Pro members can earn large bonuses just by promoting their personal UTS referral link, (which is found on the Affiliate & Marketing page). Free members earn from their own direct referrals that upgrade to a UTS pro-member. UTS pro-members earn from their direct and 2nd level indirect referrals who upgrade to a UTS pro-member.

Paid To Promote: Free and Pro members can earn just for promoting their UTS referral link. We pay out 1c for every 100 hits sent to a members UTS referral link. Members can find their personal UTS referral link on the Affiliate & Marketing page.

UTS Pro-Membership: As a pro-member of UTS, members will receive an unlimited share of pro-upgrade costs. Pro-members also earn from 2 levels for referring in other pro-members, plus they receive 48hr early notice of our team launches.

  • Earn Big Just For Viewing Ads
  • Multiple Paid Ads Daily
  • 100% Unique Hits
  • PTC/MLM hybrid
  • Huge Referral Bonuses




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