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    • By eztoday
      Hello dear friend!

      I know, you want to earn money and try your luck. We make great game for this. You can go step by step to earn more and more money. For every step (button) you can increase your bet more times. How it Work?
      To play in real Bitcoins , please sign in. You can sing in with one-click from your Facebook or Vkontakte account. After sign in, you can deposit minimum 0.001 bitcoin. We have 3 level game. Each level have different prizes. Hard level is give more prize, but it's hard to play. To starting playing please select level and click "Play" button. After, you can choose one of the button from your step. If you push the correct button, you can either pick up the money or go even higher. In easy mode you have 3 buttons for each level. 2 buttons have prize and 1 button is lose. You want to push one of the 2 correct buttons. In medium mode you have two buttons for each level. One of the button is lose, and second button contain the prize. And in the hard mode you now have 3 buttons, but 2 buttons is lose, and 1 button contain the prize.
      Let's back to modes. In easy mode your chance for each level is ~66%, because level have 3 buttons, and 2 buttons contain prizes. In hard mode you have ~33% of chance, because only one button from three have a prize. We recommend start playing from easy mode. Grocer up your skills, and after play the hard or medium mode. This is good way to win more.
      What is DEMO game?
      DEMO is great way to test our game without deposit. Play as much as you want, make sure your luck after starting playing in real money. Remember to try the demo, it's FREE.
      How Affiliate Programs Work?
      It's great way to earn more money. Give your referral URL to your friends and earn from 3% to 5% for each deposits. You can level up playing on our website.
      I want more bonuses!
      We have daily bonus for each user. Every day we give 20 FREE bits for all users.
      Fair Gaming
      EZ buttons are created before you click the selected button on step. We have no way of knowing what variables you may change and cannot rig the buttons. A sha-256 hash of the buttons is provided before you pushing the button so you can verify that the roll was not altered in any way afterwards. It is statistically impossible to recreate a sha-256 hash without the initial inputs at the current time so we cannot just send you any sha-256 hash.
      Here is simple code to get know how it work:
      HASH = SHA256(SHA256(client seed + "-" + server seed))
      PLAY NOW
    • By Pandarian
      Game mechanics
      Generalized game mechanics
      FireCoins is an investment, gambling, online game. The players’ task is to keep the fire burning by betting.
      Each bet will return a greater value to the player, if by this time the fire does not go out. 

      The ROI parameter determines the return percentage. The fire has a timer. 
      When the timer reaches zero the fire goes out and all bets cancel. Each bet increases the burning time by a certain value.

      Participants receive income from each bet. The larger total bet player made the greater his income. With each bet fire’s parameters change: Growing ROI, minimum bet, timer and jackpot. 

      Timer step parameter decreases. Therefore - timer will grow up to a smaller and smaller value with each new bet.
      This makes it easier for players to win the jackpot. The participant wins jackpot if he made the last bet, before the fire went out.
      After fading, a new fire lights up with the standard initial parameters:

      ROI = 110%
      Minimum bet = 0.00001В
      Timer step = 27 and a half minutes
      Parameters of the fire and their mathematical formulas:
      ROI – how many times your bet will be multiplied, if the fire does not go out.
      This parameter increases by 10% for each 0.00001B in the jackpot. ROI = 110% Jackpot/0.00001В

      Minimum bet – the minimum bet price in bitcoins. Minimum bet = Root (Jackpot/0.00001В)* 0.00001В

      All bets – the total number of bitcoins thrown into the fire.

      Jackpot – an amount of bitcoins, which will be won by the player, who made the last bet before the fire goes out.
      10% of the bet comes in the jackpot. The first bet always comes to jackpot.
      In all situations, when all ROI have been paid, the remainder of the bet also goes to the jackpot.

      Fire up date – date, when the fire began to burn.

      Timer step – how much the timer will grow from one minimum bet. Timer step = 1800/ROI * 100% seconds.

      Timer – how long will the fire burn without bets. The timer is incremented by the value of "Timer step", when the minimum bet is thrown into the fire.
      At a bet greater than the minimum, the timer grows to a value equal to Timer step * Bet / Minimum bet.
      The mathematical formula for calculating income for the participant:
      Profit = Bet * Gamer’s return / Total return;
      Profit – player's income from any bet,
      Bet – the bet of any other player,
      Gamer’s return – The amount that will be earn by the player, if the fire does not go out.
      Total return – The amount that will be earn by all players, if the fire does not go out.
      Click Here To Register
    • By Pandarian

      CryptoWarfare - Dystopian Crypto MMORPG browser game
      Bitcoin (BTC) vs New Bitcoin (NBT), which will prevail?

      CryptoWarfare Registration

      CryptoWarfare is a Dystopian Cyberpunk Bitcoin RPG with lots of fun gameplay and story missions. The story takes place in a dark setting in the year 2046 when Bitcoin is banned by a new government called the Clinton World Order. Do you have what it takes to bring them down and revive Bitcoin?

      5 Player classes
      Choose to play as a Miner, Trader, Hacker, Crime Boss or Official

      71 Unique Missions
      Each class has unique story missions to follow with fun objectives and rewards

      100 Skills and Skill Bonuses
      Different skills unlock different functions and missions for you to progress, with skill bonuses giving passive rewards

      3 public market places
      Use the public marketplace for trading a plethora of in-game items providing gameplay enhancements and power ups
      You can even sell your own items on the market

      Battle others in the cyberworld
      Fight others while connecting to the dangerous realms of the cyber matrix to win all kinds of rewards

      In game exchange for BTC/NBT
      Trade in game currency [NBT] on an open exchange vs BTC, complete with order books and price setting

      Much more...
      There's many more surprises to discover in the world of CryptoWarfare

      Register and start playing today

      If you get stuck check out the in-game guide.
    • By Coin2Me

      ✔ Fair play! ✔ Instant Withdraw! ✔ Faucet BTC!  


      The Coin2Me is a online game, dynamic, innovative and highly profitable.

      The chance of you win is 33.33%. That means that every 3 games, you can win 1 game. Your return can be dozens of times the value of your bet.

      You can still increase your earnings through unilevel. We will pay 1% of the first to your 10th level indication of your network prizes, and more, you do not need qualification or make any deposit to participate in this bonus.


      The game contains 6 different cryptocurrencies balloons. The weight of these balloons are 100kg. According to the bets of all users in the network, this weight will be distributed between the balloons.
      The goal is to hit the balloon that will be the lightest and that will fly.
      The user can make until 2 bets in differents balloons.

      At the end of the game the balloon that climbs higher, will win in 1st place and the second balloon will win in 2nd place.

      The system will divide the game revenue in the following way:
      80% to the 1st place.
      20% to the 2nd place.



      To guarantee maximum profit for the user and to avoid any manipulation, game winners are set according to the bidding move made by all other users in that game.

      The balloons that are the 'lightest' in relation to the billing and number of total bids of the game will be the winners!
        BALLOON BTC BALLOON ETH BALLOON DASH BALLOON LTC BALLOON XMR BALLOON XRP Volume 2.312 ฿ 1.580 ฿ 3.200 ฿ 2.305 ฿ 3.120 ฿ 4.130 ฿ Users 640 430 543 732 690 750 X 0.2170 0.2207 0.3540 0.1891 0.2716 0.3307 Weight 13.71kg 13.94kg 22.36kg 11.95kg 17.16kg 20.89kg
      Revenue= 16.647 ฿ (sum of all Volume’s)
      X = (Volume / User/ Revenue) * 1000;
      Y = 1.5831 (sum of all X’s)
      Weight= (100 * X ) / Y

      1st place= BALLOON LTC weighing 11.95kg
      2nd place = BALLOON BTC weighing 13.71kg



      Now that you know how the winners are set, let's go to the part where the calculation of the bet return will take place.

      Following the example:
      In 1st place (BALLOON LTC), a total of 732 users made a total of 2.305 ฿ in bids;
      Em 2nd place(BALLOON BTC), a total of 640 users made a total of 2.312 ฿ in bids;

      The total invoiced in the game was 16.647 btc;
        1st PLACE 2nd PLACE DIVISION 80% 20% TOTAL 13.3176 ฿ 3.3294 ฿
      ODD 1º = 13.3176 / 2.305  = 5.77
      ODD 2º = 3.3294 / 2.312   =  1.44



      Now that we know how the winners and the value of ODD are defined:
      How much do you earn?

      Simple, simply multiply the amount of your bid by the value of ODD

      I made a bid 0.01 ฿ on the LTC BALLOON.
      At the end of the game LTC BALLOON was in 1st place and its ODD was 5.77.

      My profit : 0.01 * 5.77 = 0.0577 ฿


      The user will earn a residual in up to 10 levels of 1% of the gain of each user of his network, when the winner ODD is greater than 2.00.

      That is, whenever ODD is greater than 2.00. The system will share 10% of the user's gain with its 10 uplines.

      You do not need qualification or make any deposit to participate in this bonus, just disclose your referral link and make your network.


      Angel Investor is an individual person who makes investments with his own capital in companies with high potential for growth, such as startups.


      The investor will have a share in the profits of Coin2Me until his investment has generated is equal to 100% profit.

      If you invest 1 ฿, you be monetized until you reach 2 ฿. At the end of this cycle you will need a new investment!


      All the money invested in Coin2Me will be used for advertising campaigns, so that we can attract as many players as possible to our platform.

      These campaigns will be managed by Digital Marketing professionals so we can get the most cost-effective and avoid wasting this capital!

      Here is an example:
      Bankroll is equal to 90 ฿ and you want invest 10 ฿.  Then, you will be10% of the bankroll. 
      5% of daily game revenue will be divided among investors. 
      let's say 5% corresponds to 5 ฿: You get 10% of 5 btc equivalent to 0.5 ฿.

      You must make a deposit into your Coin2Me account to initiate your bids; The payment must be made through Bitcoin; The minimum bid is 0.0002 ฿ and the maximum is 0.01 ฿; The minimum withdraw is 0.0005 ฿ and goes straight to your Bitcoin wallet; Users can transfer values between them; You can pay a deposit invoice from another user with your own balance;  

      Earn 50 satoshi every 5 minutes! Transfer to your balance when it reaches a minimum of 0.01 btc! Earn 2 satoshis whenever your referrals claim their reward on the faucet!
      Thank you!
    • By Hyip1st.team
      I am not admin here

      Immediately after registration you will receive one free chicken that will bring you eggs. Eggs can be sold on the market for real money.
      There are three types of free bonuses now are available:
      Daily bonus
      Hourly bonus
      10 minutes bonus
      In order to start earning, you need to buy animals that will bring you profits. Different animals have different price and brings a different amount of products.
      You can login to the game at any time, the products will accumulate in the warehouse. You can collect the products once per hour or once a day, or once a month, as you like. Products obtained from animals do not deteriorate or disappear. Collected products can be sold on market for gold coins. Gold coins can be exchanged to real BTC without any restrictions.
      min deposit/withdraw - 0.0005 BTC
      referral commission - 10%
      support via e-mail and facebook
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