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    • By spycardssort
      Cheating Playing Cards in Delhi are able to change your destiny in the casino games. Therefore, you don’t have a need to lose the game of poker with the use of spy gambling devices because these  Cheating Playing Cards in Delhi  designed with the latest techniques. The best quality casino winning devices are the demand of the buyers and that’s why they are always finding the different types of playing cards cheating device in India. Our all playing cards winning devices come with the best quality. Therefore, just select the name of the game and start the game of playing cards in the casino with the best ways. Always become the winner of the casino games. 

      We are the best dealer of cheating marked playing card devices and you can buy online any type of casino winning devices from us. The spy invisible playing cards cheating cards lenses are the part of our winning devices. With the use of best cheating marked playing cards you can ensure your victory in the casino games. You don’t have a need to lose a single game in the casino because our spy playing cards devices are able to ensure your large amount of money in the casino games. We are providing best quality  Cheating Playing Cards in Delhi  to our buyers and they can easily use these devices in any game of playing cards such as rummy, poker, Omaha, blackjack, Teen-Patti, Maang-Patti, Andar-Bahar, and Mau-Mau. These are some popular games of the casino and large numbers of poker players are playing these games in the casino. If you also want to make your luck in the casino while playing these games then these cheating marked playing cards products for your game. The victory in the game of playing cards is 100% sure if you are using these devices. Nowadays so many dealers
    • By Pandarian
      StarCoins.ws -   Crypto MMORPG
      The battle for supremacy in space has begun  
      Sign up, choose your race and you  get one planet.
      Here you have Resources used for:
      - Exploring (to get rewards in crypto coins) / this section is most for autofaucets lovers .
      - Build more resources buildings.
      - Get a battleship from shipyard and compete in DarkSystem and battle zone with others (for now with npc, but when will be more users will be 1v1).
      You can also find a Jobs and Offerswall section where you can earn extra
      In  Merchant  section you can trade fast your resources and Export (withdraw your resources exchanged in coins to Faucethub)
      Min withdraw is 250 btc sat (or equivalent in ltc and doge / more coins soon)
      Register now
      More updates soon (including a how to play/get started section )
      TODO :
      -more offerswall
      -webminer for extra resources 
      -ships upgrades
      -1v1 with others players  
    • By Marget
      Online gambling and entertainment is an industry full of risks. But the merchants are highly attracted towards the huge returns. It can prove to be a life turning decision of yours too. Make sure you have the reliable and fast specialized services for online gambling merchant account. Tell your customers that their financial information is secure when they pay for playing at your website. I would love to discuss your options. email me [email protected]
      Call +1-800-982-1372 Skype - Paycron
    • By eztoday
      Hello dear friend!

      I know, you want to earn money and try your luck. We make great game for this. You can go step by step to earn more and more money. For every step (button) you can increase your bet more times. How it Work?
      To play in real Bitcoins , please sign in. You can sing in with one-click from your Facebook or Vkontakte account. After sign in, you can deposit minimum 0.001 bitcoin. We have 3 level game. Each level have different prizes. Hard level is give more prize, but it's hard to play. To starting playing please select level and click "Play" button. After, you can choose one of the button from your step. If you push the correct button, you can either pick up the money or go even higher. In easy mode you have 3 buttons for each level. 2 buttons have prize and 1 button is lose. You want to push one of the 2 correct buttons. In medium mode you have two buttons for each level. One of the button is lose, and second button contain the prize. And in the hard mode you now have 3 buttons, but 2 buttons is lose, and 1 button contain the prize.
      Let's back to modes. In easy mode your chance for each level is ~66%, because level have 3 buttons, and 2 buttons contain prizes. In hard mode you have ~33% of chance, because only one button from three have a prize. We recommend start playing from easy mode. Grocer up your skills, and after play the hard or medium mode. This is good way to win more.
      What is DEMO game?
      DEMO is great way to test our game without deposit. Play as much as you want, make sure your luck after starting playing in real money. Remember to try the demo, it's FREE.
      How Affiliate Programs Work?
      It's great way to earn more money. Give your referral URL to your friends and earn from 3% to 5% for each deposits. You can level up playing on our website.
      I want more bonuses!
      We have daily bonus for each user. Every day we give 20 FREE bits for all users.
      Fair Gaming
      EZ buttons are created before you click the selected button on step. We have no way of knowing what variables you may change and cannot rig the buttons. A sha-256 hash of the buttons is provided before you pushing the button so you can verify that the roll was not altered in any way afterwards. It is statistically impossible to recreate a sha-256 hash without the initial inputs at the current time so we cannot just send you any sha-256 hash.
      Here is simple code to get know how it work:
      HASH = SHA256(SHA256(client seed + "-" + server seed))
      PLAY NOW
    • By Pandarian
      Game mechanics
      Generalized game mechanics
      FireCoins is an investment, gambling, online game. The players’ task is to keep the fire burning by betting.
      Each bet will return a greater value to the player, if by this time the fire does not go out. 

      The ROI parameter determines the return percentage. The fire has a timer. 
      When the timer reaches zero the fire goes out and all bets cancel. Each bet increases the burning time by a certain value.

      Participants receive income from each bet. The larger total bet player made the greater his income. With each bet fire’s parameters change: Growing ROI, minimum bet, timer and jackpot. 

      Timer step parameter decreases. Therefore - timer will grow up to a smaller and smaller value with each new bet.
      This makes it easier for players to win the jackpot. The participant wins jackpot if he made the last bet, before the fire went out.
      After fading, a new fire lights up with the standard initial parameters:

      ROI = 110%
      Minimum bet = 0.00001В
      Timer step = 27 and a half minutes
      Parameters of the fire and their mathematical formulas:
      ROI – how many times your bet will be multiplied, if the fire does not go out.
      This parameter increases by 10% for each 0.00001B in the jackpot. ROI = 110% Jackpot/0.00001В

      Minimum bet – the minimum bet price in bitcoins. Minimum bet = Root (Jackpot/0.00001В)* 0.00001В

      All bets – the total number of bitcoins thrown into the fire.

      Jackpot – an amount of bitcoins, which will be won by the player, who made the last bet before the fire goes out.
      10% of the bet comes in the jackpot. The first bet always comes to jackpot.
      In all situations, when all ROI have been paid, the remainder of the bet also goes to the jackpot.

      Fire up date – date, when the fire began to burn.

      Timer step – how much the timer will grow from one minimum bet. Timer step = 1800/ROI * 100% seconds.

      Timer – how long will the fire burn without bets. The timer is incremented by the value of "Timer step", when the minimum bet is thrown into the fire.
      At a bet greater than the minimum, the timer grows to a value equal to Timer step * Bet / Minimum bet.
      The mathematical formula for calculating income for the participant:
      Profit = Bet * Gamer’s return / Total return;
      Profit – player's income from any bet,
      Bet – the bet of any other player,
      Gamer’s return – The amount that will be earn by the player, if the fire does not go out.
      Total return – The amount that will be earn by all players, if the fire does not go out.
      Click Here To Register
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