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Welcome to Tomson Asset Management

Tomson Asset Management is a focused and independent asset manager. Our objective is to deliver consistent, long term asset growth for our clients.

The combination of a unique investment philosophy based on careful stock-picking and long-term global trends coupled with a stable team of experienced portfolio managers, has since 2006 resulted in world-class investment results. The investment strategy is focused on investments made in a selected number of companies starting with analysis of long term global trends combined with stock picking based on in-depth knowledge of each single company.

Up to 40% daily for 5 days

Min $1 - $100,000

Up to 60% daily for 4 days

Min $500 - $100,000

Up to 300% after 5 days

Min $150 - $100,000

Our Features:

√ DDos protection by Dragonara.net

√ SSL Encrypted Website

√ Strong Account Security

√ 24/7 friendly customer support

Accept: LR, PM, SP, EG

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