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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 everyone! These two holidays are always widely celebrated across the world and everybody deserves a present even if you were all naughty during the year. Holiday-Profit.com is your New Year's present this year with a chance to raise some money and be ready for after-holiday shopping or buying gifts for your loved ones. Accepting major online payment processors and offering hourly interest payments, Holiday-Profit.com is going to be the hottest opportunity to earn and save some funds this Christmas Eve and next month.


Santa Claus Beginner 4.4 % hourly (24 hours) 5 $ 300 $ 105.6 %

Santa Claus Master 4.5 % hourly (24 hours) 301 $ 501 $ 108 %

Santa Claus Expert 4.6 % hourly (24 hours) 501 $ 1000 $ 110.4 %

Santa Claus Professional 4.7 % hourly (24 hours) 1001 $ 5000 $ 112.8 %

Santa Claus Guru 4.8 % hourly (24 hours) 5001 $ 10000 $ 115.2 %

Accept: Liberty Reserve,Perfect Money

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