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I'm not admin.

Onraise company was created in order to help young entrepreneurs in future investment plans to get a pretty good profit with minimum risk, so our experts are looking for new partners, stable companies for future investment plans. All companies are financially stable, and provides a monthly income without risk. We work hard 24/7 to ensure that investments are safe, our company profitable and necessary support provided..

Investment in shares involves minimal risk when experts handle it. When a company looks suspicious, we stop working with it, and resell the shares back to avoid significant losses.

We get a small commission of 1% of the total withdrawals to cover the costs of maintaining the proper functioning of the company and of course, profit.



Name Daily Interest, % Min amount (USD) Max amount (USD) Term, Days

Silver 7.40 5.00 500.00 15


Name Weekly Interest, % Min amount (USD) Max amount (USD) Term, Days

Share 40.00 15.00 2500.00 21


Name Interest, % Min amount (USD) Max amount (USD) Term, Days

Interest 135.00 50.00 4000.00 30

Forex Trade

Name Daily Interest, % Min amount (USD) Max amount (USD) Term, Days

Currency 2.50 150.00 6500.00 60

Crude Oil 7.00 500.00 10000.00 60




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