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Fortunewp -

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JUST LAUNCHED & BRAND NEW! - UNLIMITED $40 & $10 Payouts! - FAST CYCLING 1x2 Matrices!

Compensation Plan


The fast acting Fortune WP 1 X 2 matrix is constantly in movement.

Only two Business Centers need to be filled in a matrix to recycle and activate another Business Center for FREE!

Join Here Now:


The Ultimate Matrix


Guaranteed Earnings

Rapid Recycling

Starting Bonus


Matching Bonus

Intelligent Placement

Dynamic Spill Up

Risk Free Refund Policy:

When you join Fortune WP you get a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee of satisfaction.

You will have 10 whole days to try it out and see how well you do!

It's a great way to get started RISK FREE!

We're the only 1 X 2 matrix plan that gives you that kind of freedom!

How much is that investment?

Fortune WP cost only $60 / year with a onetime only set up fee of $15.


Join Here Now:

Have fun and get everyone you know to join and make a bundle.


Dave Taylor

Skype Me: teamsuccessbuilder

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Here are some stats from my FWP Back Office:

Total Downline: 525

106 people on level 1

172 people on level 2

217 people on level 3

30 people on level 4

Potential Commission:

Completed Cycles: $4,830.00

Matching Bonuses: $1,300.00

TOTAL: $6,130.00

Upgrading Before Launch:

I already upgraded my account because I truly believe FWP is amazing.

Plus I wanted to Secure my Position in the program before the launch.

You can have 1 or 3 FWP centers generating your income

and you can upgrade with the following payment options:

-Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard)


-Liberty Reserve



-Western Union

The cost is $60+$15=$75 per center PER YEAR!

I know this sounds like a lot, but remember the commissions you can earn

will cover that real quick and put you into profit Real Fast.

Refer just 2 people and You already Get Paid $50

The Earnings are as follows:

-You get Paid $40($20+$20) when you cycle your 2x1 matrix + You receive a New Center at No Extra Cost.

-You also get Paid $10 Starting Bonus when you first fill a 2x1 matrix.

-You also get Paid $10 Matching Bonus Every Time one of Your sponsored members cycles!

Here's Why The System Works:

Rapid Recycling

Intelligent Placement

Dynamic Spill Up

10 Days No Risk Refund Policy

Trust me, you Do Not want to miss the launch of FWP. It will be amazing.

So get ready and invite everyone you know.

Promote everywhere you can for maximum results.

AND...Don't forget to upgrade your FWP account ASAP.

Let me know if anything.

Good luck and god bless.


Dave Taylor

Top Fortune WP Leader

Skype Me: teamsuccessbuilder


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