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i'm not admin

Freecash is private investment fond, who invest into forex, sports bets, loans to firms. We do this activities more than three years since 2009, but now we decided to open up our system for more investors on the internet.



Basic Plan

Plans:Basic Plan

Minimum Invesment:$10.00

Maximum Invesment:$500.00

Percentage :1.30 %

Days :180 Days

Principal back:Yes

Premium Plan

Plans:Premium Plan

Minimum Invesment:$501.00

Maximum Invesment:$2000.00

Percentage:1.70 %

Days :180 Days

Principal back:Yes

Investor Plan

Plans:Investor Plan

Minimum Invesment:$2001.00

Maximum Invesment:$20000.00

Percentage:2.10 %

Days:180 Days

Principal back:Yes

Accept: Liberty Reserve,PM,Egopay

Join Freecash here

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