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Program started Jan. 4, 2010

The Seeder is a simple Pyramid system, that let's you earn money. It’s called a 3x15 matrix, but on the first level you have no limits to fill. You have the possibility in the long run to earn a really big income.

You invest only $ 3.99 and get Basic Lifetime Membership. For this cute fee you’ll receive free support and a Seeding Link which will help you grow fast.

For every direct new member you invite, you’ll earn $1.00 to your balance. And if your added member - “Seed” - invites a new member to join his team, you’ll earn $0.20 for every Seed he adds.

For a one time $ 3.99 Payment You’ll Get Lifetime Access.

15 Downline Levels.

Refer As Many People As You Want.

Minimum Cash Out Is $ 3.00. Fast And Guaranteed Payments.

Payments Are Done To Your AlertPay Account.

You Can Win Monthly Seeders Prizes And Play Jackpots.

15 Different Banners And Support With Earning Strategies.

The Quickest Will Win Apple Prizes. Do Not Miss Registration!

Join today, your earnings will keep growing long after you stop!

Join Here

My link



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