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Google Rank For Key Word

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I recently noticed after some SEO work that my home page

is the 1st company after searching in google for "Novi Computer Repair". I was excited and happy about the results!! BUT

I noticed that when I'm on Google and not logged onto my iGoogle account and perform the same search, I'm not at the top.

Any ideas or explanation that you can give me? Advice?


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Yes that cases also happen from different website they know that when it comes in other search engine their site is on the top but when they try to look at Google they didn't find their site even in second page. In my opinion I think the problem their is the counting of traffic because I read that when it comes in traffic each search engine have different way on how they count it.

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I think you are sign in with google account then google will personalize your search and results which are not correct. First sign out clear browser history then you will get the correct result. It happened with me all the times when i sign up with gmail account checking mail and doing search on google.

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