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Where can we find good source data on how people earn from Blogging?

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I need to know the trends on how people earn from blogging. Where can I get those figures?

Hope somebody can share me some info.

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As for me, I just google search everything I want to know about blogging and earning online.

Here's few things I have done that helped me earn $21 in blogging.

1. I sign up for gmail account (which consists real information about me)

2. I sign up for google adsense (www.google.com/adsense)

3. I sign up for blogspot using my gmail account. I choose blogspot since it's much easier and you can incorporate google adsense into it.

4. As I was waiting for my google adsense to get approve, I started chosing the best niche for my blog and starting posting. Around 8 blog posts.

5. When my google adsense was approved, I started incorporating google adsense. Just go around with blogspot you will know the procedure or search on google for detailed procedure.

6. Then, I do forum posting to promote my blog. The $21 I earned was for around 2-3 months promotion. Quite small since I was not paying attention to it and working on it 8 hours a day, since I have a regular job.

There you go, I hope you learned something and you can earn more than me:)

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Affiliate marketing for me is the biggest trend followed by Google Adsense. You could write something about a specified product, sell it online, and earn commission whenever someone buy it. Just keep the tone of your article/blog persuasive and informative.

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