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Find a lower price get double your money back!

FOOD is the Most Consumable Product in the USA!! EVERYONE EATS!!


This is amazing!! Virtually everyone who hears about My Harvest America joins!! Why? Because everyone likes saving money on their groceries, and what could be better than having those Brand Name Discount Groceries delivered right to your front door by FedEx Ground, with you paying NO S&H charges!! If you live in the USA you can start saving and making money NOW!!

Save Money by Shopping at Home with FREE Delivery.

My Harvest America is destined to be a huge success story.

Who wouldn’t want grocery items at a huge discount delivered right to your door postage free

3x8 Matrix. You’ll earn $3 per month per sign up 8 levels deep.

Get huge savings on non-perishable items that are delivered to your door..

Available only in the USA you can join with any major credit card.

Your 3x8 Matrix Earning

Total Commission

1) 3 x $1 = $3 Total $3

2) 9 x $1 = $9 Total $12

3) 27 x $1 = $27 Total $39

4) 81 x $1 = $81 Total $120

5) 243 x $2 = $486 Total $606

6) 729 x $2 = $1458 Total $2,064

7) 2187 x $2 = $4,374 Total $6,438

8) 6561 x $2 = $13,122 Total $19,560

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, 18 oz $4.49 for $1.99

General Mills Wheaties, 15.6 oz $5.29 for $2.49

Bumble Bee Tuna, 5 oz $1.59 $ .20

Folgers Coffee Regular, 34oz $10.49 for $5.99

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, 7.5 oz $1.19 for $ .39

Jif Peanut Butter (creamy) 18oz $3.29 for $ .69

Reynolds Foil, 25 SF $2.39 for $ .69

*Guaranteed Low Prices on Name Brand Groceries.

*F*R*E*E Nationwide Delivery - Direct to YOUR Door.

*Save Time, Money and Gas!

*Over 10,000 Name Brand Grocery Items to Choose From.

*Get the SAME Brands you Trust and Use Everyday, for LESS,

and Delivered right to Your Door!!

Join Our 'Shoppers Telling Shoppers' Loyalty Program and earn

F*R*E*E GAS plus much, much more!

PLUS SAVE MONEY on National Brands in these categories:

Automotive, Car Rental, Condo & Resorts, Cruise, Dining, Golf,

Health and Beauty, Hotel, Movies, Recreation, Services, Shopping,

Ski and Snowboard, Travel.

Bringing great value to families across America. It's about time, now

it's YOUR turn to make a difference!


Everyone eats! What could be better than making money

by helping people SAVE money!

My Harvest America is one of the most exciting and viable opportunities

to come along in years.

Seize your moment!!!

Join Here



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