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Join the Fastest Growing & Successful Team in TVI Express

Our Team Is Pushing More People Through TVI Express For That $10,000 Cash

Than Any Other Team In The World

Why is that? Because our system is designed to help everyone, regardless of their marketing or recruiting abilities. We give everyone a way to get into TVI Express starting with only $37 instead of $250. We also insure that everyone on our team has 2 referrals before we even join TVI Express.

There are other teams out there offering incentives to join their team. Some say they are giving away referrals. Some say they have an automated marketing system. None of those teams are helping near as many people cycle through TVI-Express as our team does. That's why our team is called TVI Global Assist Team. The marketing systems those teams are promoting are flawed. You still have to know how to market online to get traffic to your website or that team has nobody there to close for you. The teams giving away referrals can't possibly bring in enough people because everyone is having to pay $250 and too many people out there cannot afford to spend that much.

Our system eliminates the recruiting issue entirely. It also makes this affordable to just about everyone. We are bringing in masses of people and those on other teams are wondering what in the world is TVI-GAT doing?

So, if you can't recruit, no problem! You can buy 2 referrals for $20 each and we guarantee those referrals for you. That takes your total up front cost up to $77 but that's still a far cry from $250. And when your 2 referrals cycle, and they WILL cycle, you get that $40 right back. Remember, those referrals are yours for life. They will continue to follow you in our 2x2 and all the way through TVI-Express.

About this Team Build:

I am starting this team build to help those above me, myself, and you build a downline quicker. That’s the goal.


Join our 2x2 here at our team website using the latest Link that I will post to this thread. The first Link is below. AlertPay is currently the only processor available for payment and payout.

When you join you'll pay $37 for your position in our TVI Global Assist Team 2x2 recycling matrix. You'll always follow your sponsor and your referrals will always follow you. That means the same 6 people under you will always make you cycle again and again. Every time you cycle you earn $100. You will receive $20 referral bonus for each one of your two referrals that cycle behind you.

So, you will earn $140 when you and your 2 referrals cycle the first time. You will have to wait until you and you 2 referrals cycle the second time to be able to join TVI Express because it costs $250 to join. You will now have $280 which is more than enough. By the time you and your 2 referrals cycle twice, you will have at least 5 levels of people under you who all have their 2 referrals. In TVI Express, that's Big since they will pass over those above you in the matrix that have only one referral under them. This makes you cycle faster in TVI Express.

Even after you join TVI Express you do not stop earning from our 2x2. You will continue to cycle over and over again. It's not just a feeder program for TVI Express. It is designed to give you a never-ending, income stream.

So, let’s get started building our team!

The Link for the first person to join under is:

Click Here



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