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Auto Blog Working Version ..free Download

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AutoBlog Samurai is the first and only blogging software that helps you build

multiple revenue streams online with a few clicks of the mouse. This is one of it’s kind, never seen before software that can create profitable blogs with ease.

Autoblog Samurai is a quality product and is created by popular internet marketer Paul Ponna who is also the developer and creator of bestselling software products such as Miracle Traffic Bot, Magic List Bot, Disc Mojo and Auction Acrobat.

The whole point of autoblogging is to create a whole load, say 100, or even 1000 niche blogs each generating $1 a day income. Each one will be self-updating ,meaning that once you have set it up and started it running, it will continue to generate a completely passive income for you for years to come.

The big problem with this is that keeping your auto blogs supplied with fresh content can be a major hassle – but thats where Autoblog Samurai comes in.

Introducing AutoBlog Samurai

Autoblog Samurai is a breakthrough in content rich blog generation software which leads to profit generation on a massive scale. This software is a one of its kind and is already powering 15,000 blogs around the world! This is the most robust and simple yet most powerful blogging software available anywhere.

Blogs are now hot property. Even Google has realised their importance as it

demonstrated with its recent purchase of Blogger.com. Thats why there has never been a better time to dive in and take advantage of the blogging phenomenon and start making money from your own network of blogs. The trouble is, how do you manage a blog network, and how can you grow it sufficiently to generate a decent amount of income from it….

Well, the answer is to use some blog management software such as Autoblog Samurai.

How The Software Works

First of all, let me state that Autoblog Samurai doesn’t build blogs for you – you still have to do that by hand. But newbies needn’t worry because the documentation

show you just how to do that, and, in any case, its best to build your own ones manually because you really need each one to be specifically tailored to the niche you are targeting.

Let me explain how the process works:

First of all pick your niche. Autoblog Samurai shows yo how to do this, along

with the right way to do keyword research so that you will be targeting the best possible search terms.

Once you have your search terms feed them into the software and watch while it seeks out fresh content for your blogs The software then posts this content right into your blog –

on complete autopilot! Schedule updates

every day, week, month, or even hour – fine tune it to your

requirements then forget all about it.

Get free long term targeted traffic to your blog and watch the money flow in.

It’s as simple as that! In fact, even a complete novice can set up a money pulling blog in under an hour and once you get familiar with the system, you can reduce this time down to just a few minutes.

Feature Set

Autoblog Samurai automatically updates your blogs for you every day so you can go ahead and create more profit pulling blogs without having to worry about updating the blogs your exiting ones An amazingly powerful feature of AutoBlog Samurai is its ability to create blogs in any language so that you can target people from around the world. The software supports an incredible 42 languages so you will never run short of untapped niches

or worry about saturation. International blog traffic is actually a relatively

untapped resource – nuff’ said. Of course, the software handles all of the

translation issues for you, so you don’t need to worry about learning another

languages – just point and shoot!

This is nothing like you have ever seen before and the software is completely

compatible with the most popular blogging platforms!

The software is completely scalable to manage thousands of niches and hundreds of money generating blogs on autopilot. You can now manage a massive blog empire of your own right from your desktop without having to go through the hassles of constantly writing new content and managing hundreds of profitable blogs at once.

AutoBlog Samurai for List Building

If you are an experienced marketer who wants to build a massive email list then this is a perfect solution for you. Simply place your opt-in forms in hundreds of blogs and generate thousands of new subscribers to any offer you like! Internet marketers always say that the money is in the list.. well using Autoblog Samurai, you now have a very powerful lead generation, traffic,and management software package.

Free Download Here : http://adf.ly/DOzUO

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