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Just Started APR 1

Jump On it

10 Positions - 7$


Little info

Some key points:

1. Low monthly membership fee: *$7

2. You are given 10 positions in the Company Matrix!

3. Your are given another 10 positions every month your membership renews! :)

4. Every 3 new pro members you refer, you are given another position!

5. And you also get a *$2 referral bonus per pro referral!

This program grows CONTINUOUSLY month after month after month taking on a life of it's own!!!

We accept payment via AlertPay and we also have a Credit Card option available due to the recent issues AlertPay has been having with accepting Credit Cards

Check it out today.

It may just be the best decision you make!


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A Letter has been sent to the Admin., with an invitation to our Forum

and requesting that they add our banner and linking it to their thread on the forum.

so the members know where to get info. and updates and of course visit...


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And hello to all of our 50k pro members!!!!

50kBanners is ROCKIN!!!

The word is out and others are taking notice!!!

Our Alexa rating as we write this update is now at 26,149!!!

That is HUGE!!!

As of right now we have 814 Active Pro Memberships and we have been open to the Internet for a total of 8 days. You are all doing a wonderful job of spreading the word about 50kBanners!!!

Let's try to reach 1,000 active pro memberships within the next 48 hours. It can be done!! In fact if we all worked together as a TEAM and concentrated on bringing in JUST one new pro member this week, we would actually have over 1,600 pro memberships. That would mean when it came time for

renewals, another 16,000 new positions would be added to the 50k Company Forced Matrix causing every single member to earn money in the program. And remember, that would be that

many more positions a*dded month after month on renewal!!!

Continuous Growth of the matrix AND your 50k Income Potential!!!

More active pro memberships equals that much more GROWTH!!!

Let's all work on trying to get JUST ONE more new pro member this week!!!

It's all about TEAMWORK!!!

Also, we added a NEW PAGE to your 50k members area called Advertising Resources. On this page you will find a list of good programs that you can use to advertise with. This page is also set up as a downline builder so if you are using any of these sites, be sure to add your Id's to the page so that if any of your new referrals in 50k sign up to them, they will be signing up under you. We will continue to a*dd to this list as we continue to grow!!!

Well that's about it for today....

Let's get out there TEAM and spread the word about 50kBanners...

It's up to ALL of us to help build 50k TEAMWORK STYLE...

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Another update:

Quick update fro 50kBanners...

As of right now we are at 879 active pro memberships in 50k

moving in on the 900 pro member mark.

877 pro memberships = 8,790 new positions being added month

after month when the *$7 monthly subscriptions renew!!!

As you can see, the more active pro memberships we bring in

to the 50k program, the higher the amount of NEW positions

will be that will be added to the company forced matrix each



When we reach 1,000 active pro memberships, that would be

10,000 new positions added each month.

When we reach 2,000 active pro memberships, that would be

20,000 new positions added each month.

When we reach 3,000 active pro memberships, that would be

30,000 new positions added each month.

When we reach 5,000 active pro memberships, that would be

50,000 new positions added each month.

In other words, the more active pro memberships we have in

50k, the more positions that will be a*dded each month and

the faster each of our pro members incomes will grow!

It only benefits ALL members of the 50k program more if we

all work together as a TEAM to GROW the 50k active pro

members member base.

If you have teams, invite them. The beauty of the program is

in the continuous growth compensation plan. Each month the

program grows in pro memberships, so does the amount of new

a*dded positions being added to the 50k Company Forced Matrix

program. Plus, you receive a *$2 referral bonus for each one

you bring in PLUS every 3 new pro members you bring in, you

receive a “Free additional position in the company forced


Also, reminder that any pro member in the 50k program can

have more than one pro membership. We only ask that you sign

up for the additional memberships by referring yourself

through your main 50k accounts referral url. You can use the

same email address but will need to use a different


Many have done this and this will only double, triple or

quadruple there potential earnings. But do keep in mind, you

must keep the subscriptions active each month or you will

lose the account that is not paid for and any potential

earnings you have accumulated in those positions.

In your 50k members area, you can find tools to help you

promote the 50k program. These are listed under the

Promotional Tools and Advertising Resources pages.

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